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Hello everyone, I have often encountered evaluations of murals and I have always accepted because as a criterion it is lawful, but after receiving my refused requests, because someone wrote that they are private property being on walls, I ask myself questions, even the others are on walls or other private, perhaps someone does not have very clear the term private. Private is when you have to enter private property to take the seat, not when being on the street you take it anyway.
probabilmante from today I will be much more fussy and will reject all those requests made on walls or other walls that are private homes, such as houses, palaces or other. since that is the criterion of some people.


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    You should never accept any submission that is on any aspect of a private residential property (PRP), be it in the garden, on the wall of the building its self, etc.

    The key word is property, i.e. the entire area, not just the inside of a house.

    If you have been accepting submissions on the walls of a PRP then you have been reviewing in incorrectly.

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    wandering in my city and in others like Milan, there are countless accepted murals or even decorative paintings that are on the walls of houses or factories or other, then they should all be rejected, instead there are millions of them. I think private ownership is logical when you enter someone's property, but if the place is accessible from the outside, I don't think it will damage it. Also if we go to be precise all the places are private property, both stadiums and buildings and so on, so they should all be removed.

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    You are confusing private property i.e. a business or a factory, with private residential property of a single family residence.

    POI's are allowed on places like sides of businesses and stadiums.

    They are NOT allowed on the side of a Private Residential Property.

    It makes no difference if you don't think it will damage it, they are NOT allowed. Its one of the things Niantic are most clear on.

    You should not be either accepting or submitting POI's that are on PRP

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    And remember that Niantic only forbids single family houses. If several families live in a building, then a mural on its walls is valid.

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    A condominium or a skyscraper (which is purely residential) should be okay. It's mainly standalone residential houses that should be rejected. Shared buildings can be accepted.

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    I wish more people realized this. Sadly many reject anything on a building no matter what.

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