Russia Wayfarer Challenge Rewards Clarification

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Hi Explorers,

We want to offer some clarification to the rewards for the Russia Wayfarer Challenge. 

The original intended eligibility for the rewards was anyone who reviewed at least 1 Russian Wayspot that reached a decision during the event period. The rewards were distributed in phases:

  • June 16 - Items were awarded to those who reviewed a Russian Wayspot that got decided on
  • June 23 - Some participants were missed in the initial wave of rewards, and were rewarded in this second wave
  • June 30 - Rewards were given to participants who reviewed a Russian Wayspot that still remained in voting (no decision during the event)

We have also reviewed the accounts of players who have not received the rewards and can confirm they did not have nominations reviewed during the campaign.

We apologize for any confusion caused by the initial event announcement and will be more clear in the guidelines and eligibility requirements for future Wayfarer Challenges. Thank you for your understanding!

-The Wayfarer Team

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