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As stated, i have a dog park in the area ive nominated multiple times. Have used multiple upgrades, and it keeps being denied for false reasons. The first time for a poor image quality, the second for a skewed or upside down image. Its getting really old having my upgrades and time wasted.

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    You can't appeal a rejection.

    You should have most likely posted in nomination improvement. You should give it a better name and use proper capitalization. This looks like a new amenity at an apartment complex. Streetview shows as a construction site. Put the name of the complex in the title with dog park. Help people verify it's there and qualifies. You may want to consider linking the website for the apartments in the support statement.

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    Agree with the above points, ad for the 2nd rejection reason...

    Your photo is centered on a sidewalk. If there is a sign for the dog park focus on that, if not focus on the entrance or a feature of the dog park.

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