Approved POI (Previously on PoGo and Ingress) Now only on Ingress

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Title of the POI: "Dreaming of Home" Mural at Lê Phở House

Location: 26.174212, -98.007855

Country: United States of America

City: Weslaco

State: Texas

Intel Map Link:,-98.007855&z=15&pll=26.174212,-98.007855

Media to support claim: [Attached Video]

Approved POI and appeared in game for Pokémon GO (as a Pokestop) and Ingress (Portal) around January 18, 2021. POI description was coordinated with the restaurant owner in order to garner support and background about the mural located on the restaurant grounds. Suffice to say a takedown from Pokemon Go is possible, but unlikely.

Would like to know if takedown was initiated and if they proved they were location owner (I'd understand that). What makes the situation murkier is that I still receive gifts from the Pokestop in Pokémon Go. Video (attached) shows July 20, 2021 date (and in game event notifications) as proof. While my buddy Pokémon may fetch gifts from that site (this sample was not the first instance of it), I am unable to interact with the stop in game. It shows up fine on Ingress.

I'd be happy to copy his question / request for Pokestop resurrection to this valid POI in Pokémon Go, if need be--simply advise the proper page to submit. Niantic, please help me find my Schrödinger's Pokestop!


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