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POI moves leave dead L17 cells

HeyItsPugs-INGHeyItsPugs-ING Posts: 10 ✭✭

Tl;dr - my local area has several L17 cells which should be considered 'empty' despite having a POI which could become a stop in GO. These cells have all recently had something moved into/out of them.


My local area has had a lot of Ingress activity over the years, with a dedicated community submitting new POIs since the start of Ingress OPR. However, many of these old submissions would be in the wrong location (e.g. POI for a pub in the building next door, POI for a park halfway down the road). Since coming into the community several years ago, I've tried to move things into their correct locations (if someone were to interact with a POI in a game, I would rather they be able to stand at that POI and see it).

However, since the update to the Pokemon GO sync rules that prevent 2 stops in the same L17 cell, my area now has 'dead cells'. If a cell has had more than one stop in the past, and the stops are subject to a location edit, they will disappear irrespective of the current number of stops occupying that cell. This has also stretched to include portals in Ingress not appearing in GO when a location edit causes a cell to become empty.

Example 1 - L17 cell at location 52.928601, -1.212680

No. of POIs - 2 ('The Jesse Boot' and 'British Heart Foundation - Beeston Town Centre')

Both BHF and Jesse Boot have been moved since the update (to their respective entrances). BHF went first and correctly disappeared from GO. About a month later, Jesse Boot also moved, and then also disappeared from GO. This is despite it being the only stop in that L17 cell.

Example 2 - L17 cell at location 52.922814, -1.214784

No. of POIs - 1 ('BMX Wall Mural')

This cell used to contain another POI - 'The Willows Open Space'. After the update, the Willows has moved to the next cell along, to better reflect the location of the physical sign at the park (as the original location was on the gate adjacent to the sign). This leaves this L17 cell open for the BMX Mural to become a stop, but it hasn't.

In both these instances, do these L17 cells have residual 'occupied' tags in Wayfarer, preventing POIs from coming through into Pokemon GO?

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