Army of: need pokestops, more stops, no pokestops etc

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Recently while I've been reviewing the majority of submissions have had in additional information " need more pokestops " " hardly any stops " " this pokestop is a 5* " any way you can word it majority have had this in additional information pokestops ( 😤 ).

Also the submissions have been all 1* Elizabeth the second post boxes, ordinary memorial benches, primary schools, scout's, objects in private property, fake submissions, user created submissions, location pin incorrect placement, emergency services, road names board's, photos taken from inside submitters house, recognisable face selfies, etc I could go on.

Do they go in submitting completely blind ? Is there a test to pass for Pokémon Go submitters if not there should be if there is it should be a lot stricter to help them.

From both the Ingress and Pokémon Go communities the legitimate submits are in the system for weeks even months longer being clogged up with these more stoppers and home stoppers.

Its not about easy agreements the wayfarer system has been swamped with 1* submissions majority of them are from Pokémon Go submitters.

Niantic I don't know how long your willing to let this carry on but I've nearly reviewed 90,000 submissions and the entire system is well flooded with these type of submissions it's not worth it any more.



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    There is no test to pass to submit. There will be soon. But only for new submitters

    • Rewiring the onboarding flow: Newly eligible Explorers will soon be required to learn the Wayfarer criteria before being allowed to submit contributions as well as review them.

    It’s worth noting there’s no test for Ingress submitters to pass but you very rarely see begging for a new portal.

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    Thank you I must of missed that post thanks for sharing, I just barely come on these forum's.

    It should be implemented in all games to be fair but it really needs to implemented in Pokémon Go.

    Just now I had three reviews two where Elizabeth the second postboxes both of which had a form of pokestop wording in additional information. 😪

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    I agree. It should be implemented across all games. Especially if they look to add Nominations and linking Wayfarer to their other games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite & CATAN: World Explorers as the Niantic brand grows.

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    Yes if Niantic are to expand wayfarer to more games a submitting test in all of their games is a must majority of Pokémon Go submissions should worry Niantic that much submitting test becomes mandatory.

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    It's most unfortunate and Niantic's fault they need to clear that up a bit with " New Nomination " etc as well as the submitting test.

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    From a personal PoV, i fully agree with you. A retroactive submitter test applied to ALL users of ALL Niantic games would be amazing.

    I'm not too sure if Niantic sees it this way tho. Remember, they don't deal with submissions, they have the community to do that for free. Imagine if 40% of users failed the test, and for coherence sake, lets say they were all from PoGo. That's 40% unhappy customers that can no longer submit anything, which ends up with them quitting, and if they quit, Nia doesn't get potential money from them.

    They haven't cared about the systemic abuse that's running rampant, and they surely wouldn't be on board with excluding a slice of their PAYING, UNPAID laborers 😂

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    Niantic give it some serious consideration and implement some of the suggestions in this thread it will improve the overall quality of submissions.

    The text in Pokémon Go while submitting should be updated and replaced to " Nomination " not the infamous pokestop etc

    While nominating show the criteria and help educate all submitters especially new ones.

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    I do often see begs for PokéStops unfortunately @TrevorAlan-PGO in the supporting information. But I agree that it should be game neutral in what the games call the POI. They call them POI & Waypoints when talking about them so would just need to swap a few text fields I would think.

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    I'll review later and attach some screenshots for examples.

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    I have to use upgrades to get anything through to become a waystop now. They used to just come through in a couple weeks no matter what but now I have a lot that have been stuck in queue for over a year with others in voting for over a year. Whenever I review I also just see horrible nominations. Like one I had was “Pokemon Go Player’s House” as the TITLE.

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    I guess my screenshots wasn't approved or Niantic doesn't want them made public ?...

    There was no personal information it was literally four zoomed in screenshots of the additional information about four minutes apart.

    I had a lot of Pokestop additional information reviews yesterday all of which where 1* reviews.

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    That could work because the amount in the system is beyond a joke now.

    If they did that they then should ban words like Pokestop,Pokestops/portal in additional information like they have description though there are workarounds those are the two major words that do not improve overall quality of any submission especially in additional information.

    Again all of them are 1* nominations something needs to be done clearing the system and banning those two words is a start.

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    Same could be said for portals if agents done it but they don't I'm not bias to one game.

    But look at the time they was reviewed ( top right ) barely minutes apart the sheer volume is beyond belief the entire wayfarer system has thousands of them clogging the system up.

    None of them where acceptable and I've only just started reviewing.

    The Pokémon Go and Ingress submitting texts need updating instead of Pokestop/Portal it should be Nomination instead.

    This will yes lead people to put nomination instead but it won't encourage people to submit simply because they see the word Pokestop/Portal if you know what I mean " oh pokestop I'm gonna submit my gardens statute "

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    Yes I didn’t even review this I just saw this way stop like 4 years ago and it was a pokemon go mural and I have visited a lot lol

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    Here's one example of a 1* and additional information.

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    Certainly reflective of what I see when I review. As I mentioned, no asks there for Portals or claims that there are no Portals nearby (I find there are usually a lot of Waypoints nearby when I see the “No PokéStops nearby” claim) even though the apps mention Portal & PokéStop in the same locations when submitting a new Waypoint.

    The neutral language may help & makes sense going forwards as the Nomination process rolls out to more games but I don’t think it’ll stop the begging for PokéStops in the descriptions and supporting statements.

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    As others wrote many good things, I won't write anything new: it seems that PoGo community is much bigger than Ingress, and it looks like PoGo has much more young players that are allowed to nominate, so it's much easier to see bad nominations with "we want moar stops" from PoGo players rather than Ingress players - bigger community will have more bad exaples visible. Also many PoGo players are more unaware that other Niantic's games exists and that they should wrote text not related to any games when they nomiante. This might be the case why mostly just PoGo nominations have game references. I also sometimes see Ingress referencess too, but they're much less often.

    The best thing to do is to change nomination text in both games, so they won't show anywhere in text words like "portal" or "pokestop" in nomination process, and just add a short information to not add any game reference text, as nominations are added to more than one game and should be neutral because of that. Easy change that might help with decreasing such many pokemon reference in nominations. I also agree it won't make them dissapear completely, but should make much smaller amount of them in the future.

    I also agree to add some filter that would just block nominations that will have words like "pokemon" or "pokestop" (and to maybe delete from system current ones with these words too). We have a lot of normal words banned to add while nominating (that shouldn't be banned), so let's use these filter to finally ban words that really shouldn't be added while nominating :)

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    Thank you for the reply there's no ideal way forward with this and I agree it will never stop the begging or never acceptable nominations asking for stops.

    Niantic I'm talking directly to you I've been here since the good old OPR days with the very old review rating days, the system has become a joke and mass rejection.

    Can you atleast consider changing the wording on all your games when it comes to nominations and as mentioned above change the text to a neutral word say nomination as an example.

    Ingress and Pokémon Go submit UI:

    Submit your nomination and click a wayfarer category below which you think your submit meets.

    Not sure what criteria your nomination falls under then click this for full details of what makes a good submission and what category your submission falls under.

    If you don't you won't be able to proceed with your submit.

    Helpful tips what to put in description and additional information to help evaluate your submit to reviewers, words such as pokestop, pokestops and portal are not helpful and your no longer able to use these words as it doesn't best describe your submit.

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    Helpful note once in the submitting process and you click on a category you think your submit falls under it will give a brief detailed description of it:

    Playground a publicly accessible outdoor facility used primarily for leisure.

    Named trail marker a pre detrimened route that will help people explore green areas and historic routes great for exploring.

    Religious building steeped in history and place of worship used by the public.

    Little brief descriptions like this once a category has been selected before proceeding to complete a submission will help the submitter better understand categories and not just go in blind, it may seem like an inconvenience to some but for new submitters it can help them.

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    From what was datamined, it seems like Nominators will have to choose what their submission is. Whether that’s what criteria it meets or what the actual item is wasn’t clear so that part may happen in future. I think Wayfarer will still be “evolving”. Hopefully when we get to 4.0 it will be much better.

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