Players withdrawing nominations in protest

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There’s a Niantic game that had some changes lately in some regions to how they were before the worst of the pandemic, which has included changes to interactions with Waypoints, and some users haven’t liked them (even though they were told up front that these changes would be temporary). To the point where I have seen multiple posts across social media that users are withdrawing their nominations.

If you believe this has affected you this much, then please do withdraw your nominations and clear the queue for the rest of us.



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    Withdrawing nominations would mean very little to Niantic.

    At the end of the day, having less wayspots just makes playing the game even "harder" with the reduced interaction range. So it just hurts the playerbase.

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    If those players have decided to stop playing the game because of the change, it's not that illogical to also withdraw their nominations. This is after all free work for the company they consider acting irresponsibly.


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    contenance, my dears! Stop hacking on Pokemonz Players!

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    I find it strange that an increased interaction range was added to only one game. I guess because it has the largest player base? Still, I think it was unnecessary and leaving it in place any longer would just exacerbate the player reaction.

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    Wonderful to hear that the pandemic is over in the USA and the only reason for reactions is that people have to take few extra steps.

    To be blunt, I expected better from you.

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    It sucks that Niantic reverted the pandemic bonuses, but it's just the game going back to normal. There are plenty of other games to play if people don't like this change. Most of the people using the pandemic to complain about the change would find another reason to justify it if the pandemic wasn't in full swing. It does geuinly suck cause now It's back to me standing right on top of the real world object and still no being able to interact with the POI, but oh well.

    What no one is complaining about that I think is actually dangerous of niantic is adding incentives to get outside and explore more while Delta is spreading and cases rising. The double free pass and XP bonus for new stops is just a bad idea to have as bonuses when people should be masking and not going to places outside where they normally would. But no one is complaining about that in regards to covid for some reason 🤔

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    Mechanics of Pokemon: Gathering for raids. They wanted to allow people to spread out, so they increased the interaction distance.

    Hindsight: completely unnecessary because outdoor covid spread is low. The remote raiding made sense, because some players couldn't leave home during their respective lockdowns.

    I seldom see more than one agent working on a portal at once, unless 2 players are attacking it together. Most larger operations I've seen involve agents at totally different objectives at the same time.

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    Spoofers: *cough cough*

    I mean, yeah, these group of players are possibly unaffected by this and might continue to nominate everything 'remotely' from their home. Abusive nominations in Sydney are just an example of this.

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    Yeah but ingress has flash farming and hpwu has the fortress which also cause gatherings, but somehow that didn't need increased distances. Additionally, remote raiding is a thing so that should have been the solution to gathering.

    All a moot point now just thinking that Niantic would have saved themselves some trouble by never having made this bizarre change.

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    Ironically, the wayspot that is about 50-70m from my bedroom (depending on drift) was only JUST finally approved yesterday, after "only" 5 submission attempts over the past year. (some of y'all need to bone up on your PRP definitions, sayin'. See

    "Oh dear why did I even bother"* lol

    *because having more valid wayspots in the database improves the gaming experience for all the local players, not just me

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    I too expect better from some of the folks that spend a decent amount of time in these forums. The trash can come in here to gloat but you are usually much more insightful on these topics.

    Most of this thread completely misses/ignores the issues at hand and moronically simplifies what the problem is and is loaded with "NeED MoREStoPS crews is sad LOLOLOL".

    If Niantic doesn't care about the PoGo community, wait makes you think they will listen to when they mess with your game?

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    I have a sinking feeling there might be a flood of "location change edits" now, as people attempt to move wasypots to more "opportune" locations...

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    I have already begun to see more location edits moving about 10 feet towards houses

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    What's "Flash Farming" - never heard of it in relation to Ingress?

    HPWU Fortresses did require you to be within range for multi-player batles, which you need for the higher chambers if you want to win. However, in this case Niantic did something really sensible and created a "remote login" (The Night Bus) which allows player to battle at a central location, a bit like a "Remote Raid Pass" on PoGo. Considering how few HPWU players i've come across, this was one of the best things Niantic have done for HPWU, if you are "the only player in the village" you can now actually fight fortress battles with other players. Should have been in from the beginning, i hope Niantic realise how good this is for the entire player base and keep it.

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    Flash farming is when eight or more agents of level eight or more gather and build up level eight portals around them and apply hack mods and often frackers and hack until they've stuffed their inventory with level eight goodies. Locations are usually chosen for having multiple portals accessible from one spot so it definitely causes people to gather closely.

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    There is an evident slowdown in the last couple of days which I can assume are coming from these protests. At the same time, there are a whole bunch of 10m edits which are of nominations being moved towards houses in anticipation of the reduced interaction distance coming to Australia. I would hopefully assume that the people who are threatening to quit the game and withdrawing their nominations are the same people who mainly submit trash and coal.

    The interaction distance was nice, so it is a little sad to see it depart. At least maybe tone it down in increments of 10m over time rather than all at once, that would've been a lesser impact than this. But it does somewhat reflect our current situation and sentiment at times; if Niantic isn't going to listen to their cash cow community, what more does it small fry like us Wayfinders?

    Considering this interaction distance change never was implemented in Ingress (and, for good reason really), as the primary game I play this did not have much impact at all. The increased interaction distance just made it easier to spin stops and acquire gifts with the GoPlus. The core element, catching Pokemon is still very much unscathed and raids are augmented by remote passes. Yeah, maybe someone who is able-bodied doesn't have much of a right to say this, but really this situation is really just exasperated in a world of the 'rona and will most likely blow over once they announce they release Arceus when Pokemon Legends comes out next year in January, and the next GoFest.

    Shouldn't be giving Niantic ideas, but wait until they start requesting to link your Niantic account with your public health record and will only permit you to play if you've gotten fully vaccinated. 😂

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    You can erase nominations, stop paying bills, and even delete Pokémon Go from your smartphone until you are satisfied.

    Then you will find peace in your heart.

    We won't have any problems.

    No, on the contrary, the reduction of low-quality POI nominations will bring peace of mind to us as well.

    It's good for both of us. It's a Win-Win.

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    Huh, never knew rhat was the name for it, the one of those inwent to was really just a walking farm farm started with that "flash farm"

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    Now this is a constructive post. No demographic insulting, no ING vs POGO, just plain facts, and outlining a very big issue that most bitter people aren't acknowledging : When it comes time to **** players of other games (Like WU, but maybe in the future, Ingress aswell), do you think they will give a rat's bottom about the community of their barely lucrative projects?

    More using your brain, less "mOaR sToPs" QQ.

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