I really need Niantic to clarify something. I had two submissions approved but they didn't manifest in the game. Niantic claims that the reason could be that the stops are too close to other stops.

Then I go around town and see areas where gyms are stacked onto of each other along with stops or this set where the gyms are super close.

So I am needing Niantic to give me explanation for this because it angers me, that I would put in the time and effort to create a stop, and effort to have it voted on.



Photo 1 &2 : examples of gyms and stops crowding

Photo 3: Photo of the gym with the x's marking the other two stops that weren't created because they are too close.


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    This is because they have been moved and have (so far) remain in the game.

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    Once upon a time, back when there was only Ingress, there were no real limits and you could nominate Waypoints within 10 or less of each other and they would all appear in game.

    Pokemon arrived, and because the game plays differently from Ingress, Niantic came up with the 20m rule for new Waypoints, so if a new nomination was approved but was within 20, of an existing Waypoint it would not appear in game. However, this rule did not apply to new waypoints that appeared in game and then were moved by a location edit.

    Once people realised this, this led to a massive amount of abuse from some parts of the Pokemon community, stops or fake stops would be nominated and accepted, then moved by a location edit to cluster stops together in large numbers to greate "PoGo farms" and more Gyms.

    Niantic introduced new rules about stops and edits around the beginning of the year to stop this abuse. Now, a new Waypoint will only appear in PoGo if a) It is not within 20m of an existing Waypoint (in any game) and b) It is the only Waypoint in an S17 cell. No matter how many Waypoints there are in an S17 cell, only one will show in Pogo to prevent fake clusters of Stops being generated.

    Your new Nomination probably does not appear because of either a or b above. Have a look on the Ingress intel map at nearby stops, or let us know the location and we can look

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    I dont have ingress.

    It's a moot issue as of now. I am done with submissions and or caring about it. After trying to get another submission approved, twice and having it be rejected twice-all for reasons that didn't make sense. I am done.

    It's painfully clear that the reviewers are **** and there's no recourse. I diligently review stops and give the best answer, spending time and energy. After 100, I get to upgrade. So I do that. Then, someone who is blowing through submissions just to get 100 screws me out of a submission.


    The 1st time time.

    And the 2nd time

    Apparently there's no sidewalks or stairs at this location. And also, it's not anywhere near a school.

    I am done submitting stops. I am done with voting.

    The fact no one is accountable for the shotty voting is even more insulting. I do things right and get hosed by those not doing right. And there's no appeal to it, just a "go waste more of your time to submit it again, and hope the same simpleton will be to busy playing with a light switch, so they won't mess the submission votes up"

    I am tempted to mass reject all of the submissions to kind of even the score. Then again it's an idea.

    Ether way, I am done.

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    Sounds discouraging but continue learning the pitfalls and you may eventually learn why one fails. Try to move on and submit other new potential POIs. Even experienced nominators can expect some discouragement. It's a fluid voting process with reviewers who come and go.

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    I know it can be frustrating. Believe me we’ve all had things denied. Each time you get a different set of reviewers so don’t give up, but definitely try to improve the nomination each time.

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    @Growlifornia-PGO i think it is rather rude to call someone "dumb AF". You wouldnt like if someone called you that.

    I think the rather suitable rejection for your submission of the "Visitor´s Entrance" would be - Duplicate to Challenger-Columbia Memorial Stadium.

    Clearly you have not read the rules.

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    Don’t take it the wrong way but the visitors teams entrance is not submittable or acceptable because it has no history or significance. It’s just where the other team would enter. The stadium on the other hand meets criteria though

    I always recommend this document because starting out it was really helpful for me. I hope that it can be helpful for you as well

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