HELP! We are suffering from massive removing attacks

phi2458-PGOphi2458-PGO Posts: 164 ✭✭✭

Over the past few weeks, a removing war has destroyed a lot of wayspots in Chiayi county, Taiwan. According to the reports from local players, we have lost 82 wayspots in the past few weeks. Almost all the towns across the county have become disaster areas. We are still gathering information from local groups because the affected area is extremely large.

Furthermore, a web scraper was implemented to detect the removed wayspots. It compares the Ingress map with the local pokemon go map that does not update in recent months. The result shows that 297 wayspots were removed recently.

The following map shows the victims of the wars.

Link to the map:

We have proposed several restoration appeals on this forum. The following is one of the successful appeals we proposed. The wayspot was restored by the admin. However, it was gone after a few days.

We believe that these attacks come from a multi-accounts abuser. Please have a look at the following appeal. It is a restore appeal for a statue. Note the number of disagree.

We have never seen such a large number of disagrees. With a crowd of accounts for voting, we believe that the abuser has become the majority of the system. It is easy for the abuser to manipulate the system.

The war is still ongoing. A lot of wayspots are gone, but we can do nothing about it. We are suffering. Please help.


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