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Not had Pokemon Go edit rejection email notification since 17th July

Hello, I may be completely wrong and may just need to be more patient, but I have not had a Pokemon Go edit rejection email notification since 17th July. I know some people's edits take months or even years, but in my area, the turnaround (even for edits), is usually very quick.

I often edit Pokestops to correct grammar or to make the locations more accurate. I normally get acceptances or rejections in around 1-2 weeks, however recently, I've not had any rejection notifications, and I've got a few edits that have taken much longer than expected to reach an agreement. I've tried speaking to Niantic Support about this issue but I've had no luck speaking with them unfortunately, so I have turned to these forums. As a side-note, I think it would also be really beneficial to see these edits in Wayfarer too.

Here are some edits that I'm waiting on, is there any possibility that they can be checked? I'd like to know if they've reached an agreement yet or if it's just taking a lot longer than usual, for some reason. Thank you.

ID: ZFNfICA18yuIn83IRN1OrLryuVyRY/Vir/4a/BPl6eE=


Thank you very much for reading.

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