Wayspot rejected for inaccurate information

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Title of the Wayspot: White Oak Footpath

Location: 49°15'54''N 122°53'25''W

City: Coquitlam

Country: Canada

Screenshot of Rejection Email:


the city owned boulevard that is in front of the walkway

the entrance to the walkway which has ample space

and the width of the walkway

Additional information: The reason given for this Wayspots rejection was that it was on private property, even though it isnt. This pathway is on city owned land and is maintained by the city of Coquitlam. The pathway sees constant use as it is a major walking route and connects various trails to eachother, including major ones on a nearby mountain. The entrance to the pathway is between 2 houses but the pathway itself is isolated and is open to the public.

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    This is not what this section of the forum is for. You can't appeal a rejected nomination.

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    Like HankWolfman-PGO wrote, you can't appeal rejected nominations.

    @NianticGiffard could you also move this thread to Nomination Improvement? It's another thread from this part of forum that would definetly fit more in Nomination Improvement. Thank you!

    But to add some more to OP question: Nominations like footpath/trails needs some anchor for nominating them, as without it they're not eligible. This would be eligible if you nominated as anchor trail marker ("White Oak Footpath Trail Marker" for example). If there isnt trail marker or anything eligible to nominate as anchor, it's not eligible and rejection reasons are correct.

    I hope you will find something eligible in your area that will be accepted soon. Good luck!

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    It’s just some passage. It’s correct rejection.

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    Generic footpath with no signage for it. Correct rejection

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    I went to find this rule in help to point you to it as the reason some folks would have used the private property rejection reason even though it might not technically be ON private property

    ""What makes a good way spot"

    Please be sure to closely review nominations whose real-world location appears to be within 40 meters of private, single-family residential property, and nominations whose real-world location appears to be in a neighborhood park. To be clear, nominations should be rejected if their real-world location appears to be on private, single-family residential property or might encourage people to go onto private property (e.g., because the real-world location is at the end of a private driveway).""

    But to my great surprise, that doesn't seem to be listed in the criteria anymore. But people like me who knew the rule, but not that it had been erased, would still apply that.

    The previous reply had great suggestions for getting this through voting. I have some trail markers to go submit now that I know that 40 meter rule is gone. (If someone does find it still listed, please tag me.)

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    The "40 meter rule" still exists, but it has never required reviewers to reject submissions that are within 40 meters of private single-family residential property.* It has always been simply to carefully verify whether the submission is actually on private single-family residential property. Now that's not to say that people don't incorrectly reject POIs under based on their misunderstanding of the "40 meter rule," but it is not correct to do so.

    * For a time, there were directions to reject specific categories of submissions within 40 meters of private single-family residential property, but that was based on specific directions from AMA answers and not any type of blanket "40 meter rule." None of those AMA answers are still in effect, and I kind of suspect they were more the result of sloppy Niantic wording rather than an intentional policy.

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    The photo first in this post does you no favors; it makes your trail look like a driveway. It took me too long to find that very small sign showing the name of the path, and then it was still hard to read; it won't be noticed by someone reviewing on a phone. This looks like any generic sidewalk by any street, except it is in an alley. This does not look like something special. You did not put in the thought and work necessary to make it special. Try again.

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