Somebody had move a Park Wayspot in the building where the company is located. (Setagaya-Ward)

Hi, @NianticGiffard .

This report is really quite simple.

We can see that two places have been proposed.

Title of the Wayspot:世田谷区 北見記念公園


City: 3-3-5 Kitami, Setagaya-Ward, Tokyo

Setagaya-ku Kitami Higashi Memorial Park


If you look at Google Street View and Google Maps, you can see that the park is supposed to be the Wayspot, but now the Wayspot is set to the building on the west side of the two proposed sites.

We can assume that someone has moved the Wayspot from the park to this building site.

This Wayfinder are proposing to move the Wayspot to the original location of the park, which is what we are reporting on. Wayfinder is right.


Google Street View

Wayfinder has the right sensibility in suggesting Wayspot to the park, where it belongs.

On the other hand, the person who moved the "park" Wayspot to the other building's property is doing the wrong thing.

If you have a spare moment, please do some research on "who moved the Wayspot from the park to the building site".

I leave this report in your hands.


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