My nominations are opened in ingress.

Plz help me. Recently my two nominations were accepted but they were opened in ingress. My lots of upgrades were wasted . I am trying hard to review other nominations to helping them and after 100% I'll receive an upgraded. After using that upgrade nominations are opening in ingress not in Pokemon go. My all hard work is going to trash. Plz help me.


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    How long ago your nominations were added? It's often that POI will first appear in Ingress, and it might take 1-2 days for it to appear in other games. There are some issues now so it might take even more time, but it's hard to say.

    Did you check if your nominations were in the same cell as another existing Pokestop/Gym?

    Every game has different rules for POIs to appears. In Ingress POIs just needs to be at least 20m away from any other POI to get added to game after it get accepted. In PoGo your POI must be at least 20m away from any existing POI (in any game, not only PoGo) and it must be in free Pokestop Cell - rules are 1 POI for 1 Cell. If near your nomination were any Pokestop, it was in the same cell so it couldn't appear in PoGo.

    You can check cells with some tools - many are not 100% accurate, but the best one is installing Ingress with PoGo addon. You don't have to play Ingress, you just need to open game to have acces to ingress map that shows all added POIs, and with PoGo addon you will see cells, thanks to that you can choose something to nominate that will be in free cell and will appear in PoGo. For now it's the only way to be sure your POI will appear in all games.

    So, if your nomination didn't appear after long time, then they were in the same cell as existing POI in PoGO, and won't be added to PoGo. If they were added to Ingress recently, maybe they will still be added to PoGo, you will see. For the future nominations always check if they're far enough from any existing POI and if they're in free Pokestop cell, then you will be sure you will get them in your game too. Good luck!

  • I had checked everything like

    Cell system

    Wayspot criteria

    Pokestop distance between them, etc

    Then also . I also checked that my nominations are not arrived in other games. My upgrade had wasted and gone 2 trash plz help me.

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    Have you got the details of the nominations, locations etc

  • spiesr-INGspiesr-ING Posts: 313 ✭✭✭✭

    Submissions are to add things to the Wayspot database, not to create stops/gyms in Go. Not all Wayspots will be used in all games.

    If you feel that something being add to the Wayspot database, but not used in Go is "wasted" then you shouldn't be doing Wayfarer.

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