Will Niantic be able to fix the "3.5-4 days of cooldown" bug during August 2021 maintenance??

3.5-4 days cooldown or when you cannot review for 3.5-4 days once you hit the "nothing to review/great work/ come tomorrow" screen.

The bug is actually recognized by niantic as many people are facing it. but they haven't announced a fix.

I think Niantic has a chance to fix the bug during the ongoing maintenance.(Let's not get our hope high though).

The bug generally hits when you don't have any review to do in your upcoming review list. this happens due to your current location/Home town/ bonus location doesn't have any pending review at that time. Also, the bug can hit you for unintentional reasons even though their's tons of reviews (ex: your location in New York).

In the old wayfarer website (that was opr.ingress.com), if you hit the "nothing to review" screen, you would find a new candidate to review after one/two hours of rest. But the new wayfarer website gives you a 3.5-4 day cooldown.

Niantic is currently re-factoring their code/ changing rules on how the Pending Nomination Stack is handled. as the 3.5-4 day cooldown is also related to a stack of continue candidate the reviews goes through one by one. the bug should be able to be fixed by changing rules.

The whole fixing is greatly dependent on Niantic actually trying to fix the bug. But What if the 3.5-4 days of cooldown is actually an intended system by Niantic that they don't want to disclose to us. then there's no hope.


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