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I have submitted one POI to become a pokestop in PoGO, but it came out rejected twice... First, because they thought it was a private property and the second time, with no specific reason, it just didn't attend to the acceptance criteria...

It's a sign, painted by hand, indicating a street, just like a thousand like existent in my region, i don't understand why doesn't met the acceptance criteria, if others were approved without a problem. I have one pokestop that is inside a private property, and it was accepted, this is unbelivable.

I am sad, because i live in an area that doesn't have that much pokestops or gyms, and i am trying to populate the area, to try and bring more people to the game, but this just make it harder...

Can any one help me understand why this one can't be an accepted POI?

Thank you


  • WheelTrekker-INGWheelTrekker-ING Posts: 3,363 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Anything inside private residential property (single family) is not allowed and Niantic will remove it if you report it.

    People sometimes reject valid nominations and other times approve ineligible nominations. If you want more feedback, post all the details of your nomination in this section: https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/categories/nomination-improvement-advice

    (photos, location, title, description, supporting info...)

  • Eneeoh-PGOEneeoh-PGO Posts: 655 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello, BulbFiction69. Welcome to the forum.

    If you can post your nomination photos, description info, and email response over on the Nomination Improvement forum we may be able to recommend fixes or explain if there is a problem.

    Sometimes nominations don’t match the current rules, or make it into Wayfarer though they should not be. Sometimes nominations are rejected for wrong reasons.

    Give more info and your fellow player/reviewers will try to help.

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