Goodbye Casey!

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We can't start a new chapter without closing out the last. Wanted to create this thread so that we can show our appreciation to @NianticCasey-ING and everything they did for us. Like all relationships, we had our ups and downs, but overall Casey was our voice to get so much done within Wayfarer. Casey brought us the Review Challenges and AMA's along with many other features like *dark mode* (lmao at least they were excited about it). Now I know technically Casey moved on months ago, but they are still around somewhere within Niantic so hopefully they can come in and read everyone's lovely comments and say a formal goodbye which we have not had the chance to get yet. Thank you @NianticCasey-ING, the Wayfarer Community appreciates you.

PS Want to also say a big thank you to @NianticGiffard for filling in during the transition period. He did an amazing job, and hopefully he is able to still be involved in major topics.

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    Thank you Casey for all the work you put into making Wayfarer what it is today!

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    Very good point, glad you made the thread.

    Thanks for taking the brunt of the communities woes, gripes and complaints and trying to maintain your positivity throughout @NianticCasey-ING I hope you do come back on to the forums just to see what people say. This hasn’t been the nicest or most welcoming community at times but certain areas of it have improved and I hope you’ve managed to see that during your time.

    I know there’s been a few Niantic folks move around so it’s not uncommon.

    As an example HPWURobert used to be the on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community team and now instead they are Reboot over on the Transformers: Heavy Metal forums acting as the Transformers: Heavy Metal Community Specialist/Person for that game (If that’s meant to be a Niantic secret that I stumbled across, please just ignore it. 🤫) and then HPWULola took over that role for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

    So I do wonder if we will see Casey pop up on Pikmin or a future title? I don’t think we are done with Casey in our “Niantic journey” but just for Wayfarer.

    Edited as I remembered the actual Harry Potter: Wizards Unite role belonged to HPWUFazes originally but I believe HPWURobert filled in the gap between them and HPWULola.

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    Casey has always been cool.

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    Good luck wherever you end up Casey!

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    I'm a bit of confused .....

    First of all ... did I miss any kind of official statement somewhere, that Casey has gone? Of course.... it's Niantic and they are famous for their lack of communication and transparency, but I havent lost hope that there will be a day, when Niantic decides to put a few dimes of their raid pass millions into more staff, that interacts directly with their customers. In this case(y) Nia posted nothing afaik, but Casey didn't post something since June .... that's all.

    Only things, what happened was, that a mysterious Nia-Account appeared in the news section - I can't remember the name and I'm to lazy to look that up. And now they presented Tintino, which job has a different title, but the tasks seem to be the same or at least very similar to Casey's. So because of that setting I wouldn't exclude a comeback of Casey. 2 months is to much for Murican vacation afaik, but there are lots of possibilities for a longer break .... health issues, recovery from an accident, whatever. Especially since Nia posted few weeks ago that their team will grow, this would fit growth, and I see not enough hints to interprete the latest happenings as 1:1 replacement. Or did I miss something?

    Second thing..... this thread is only full of laudation. Nothing else? This reads for me like that madhouse of a forum now turns into a meeting place of Stockholm syndrome support group. Personally I have mixed feelings about the vanishing of Casey. They seemed to be responsible for a lot of progress, made criteria more compact, revival of the AMA ..... but the transformation process had also a lot of negative aspects.

    The lots of special borderline cases and strange exceptions from older criteria (OPR's guidelines, followed by the "confusing candidate"-subsection, etc.pp.) ..... but all these cases came back in AMAs or forum threads, and now it's even harder to dig out the rulings of borderline cases then ever before.

    Further there was no reaction to lots of hints, that there are lots of translation problems out there: disaster level sometimes ranges from propositional logic problems up to translations like done by google translate. From English -> Japanese, then Japanese -> Klingon, Klingon -> ancient Greek, Ancient Greek -> German, and then publish the outcome as the German criteria wording.... I don't know how often this was pointed out here, but nothing happened. For example the German wordings of "Location sensitive" and "Inappropriate Location" - German versions are "Unangemessener Ort" and "Ort ist unangemessen" - without understanding the words non-German-mothertongues can easily see, that one wording is an adjunct attribute, and the other one is a predicative sentence version of the same phrase. Also pointed out thousand times in this forum. Nothing happened, and that would have been Casey's job to fix this asap. Furthermore I have bad memories concerning threads about hydrants, that testify, that the master of the criteria had problems to understand and apply the own criteria there....

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    Check the announcement at the top of the general discussion forum. That post introduces Tintino and goes on to state that Casey is moving onto another project.

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    Found only "they have now moved on to other projects" there. Totally meaningless phrase 😅

    That could mean, that Casey left Nia, and it could mean, that Casey now administrates the wayfarer programmers ..... it can mean evrything xD

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    We'll miss you, Casey. Good luck on your new project!

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    Any chance you can tell us which game/area you've moved on to now Casey? Will we be seeing you pop up in Pikmin for example?

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