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Approved portals not showing on map

the portal I nominated was approved some days ago, but it’s still not on the Pokemon go nor on iitc-mobile

approved portal name : 삼성래미안 농구장

approved date : 08.12.21

nomination ID: LtZ5OqJ3amOMoPUfD9G4mPJ8Hjvq/j/vRD8HRo8kekY=

The portal I nominated was approved on 08.12, and I also got the email that it was approved.

Location of the portal is here,

But there is no portal on Pokemon go, or iitc-mobile as you can see.

Please check this out, and tell whats wrong, since it’s not the first time that my portals were not showing even after approval.

Nothing is wrong, because no portals are close to, and no duplication. Please check this out. Thank you

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