Roads not syncing in PoGo

New roads that are showing on the google map and submission and even in Ingress are not syncing to PoGo in my area. It's been months since it sync in Ingress but still not showing roads in PoGo for new roads.


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    PoGo uses openstreetmap (OSM) as map source, and not google, and they update it only occassionally.

    One of the reasons, that they use old map data, might be, that there was a lot of OSM manipulation, since the map data effects spawns directly - for example the park and meadow area with nests in PoGo, or the spawns, that are put next to the small dashed footpaths or bike-only-ways.

    I remember a case, where people in the US drawed a lake over their whole city to get water biome spawns ....

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    This is not a Wayfarer issue and you will get no response from Niantic. You must contact Pokemon Go support.

  • Hello @giantfox-ING! Please reach out to our dedicated support team through Twitter (@NianticHelp) or in-app for in-game-related issues. Based on the content of the discussion, I will be closing it for future comments. I appreciate your understanding!

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