Park With No Sidewalks

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This park nomination was rejected for not meeting criteria, abuse and not having pedestrian access.

Tucker Reserve

A large open green space for the use of the local community to enjoy a bit of nature and sunshine.

Supporting Information

Sign can be found along Carysfield Road and named after Tucker Road, one of the bounding roads of this reserve. A park to enjoy and walk through provided by the council.


This park currently has no other visual place markers as existing wayspots and is defined in Google Maps as a place of interest.

Street view of this same sign is shown below:

This nomination was upgraded. I can only assume that because it just looks like a little red sign that people thought it was just a generic rules sign but it does include the name of the reserve. By the way, in New South Wales, a Reserve is defined as a designated parcel of land which is used as a public garden or recreational space.

But is grass really not considered pedestrian access, or are reviewers being unnecessarily pedantic with "no sidewalk, no access"? Because if that were the case, there would be absolutely no wayspots with Niantic pedestrian access anywhere in this area.


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    Grassy areas that allow people to stroll freely are certainly pedestrian accessible.

    The ‘No games or behaviour’, and ‘No meetings’ clauses make me wonder. If these rules are legally binding, is this an appropriate place to nominate for use in games that will encourage people to congregate?

    I personally disagree with the establishment of rules against basic human conduct, and the ’comfort and convenience’ language can only be applied retrospectively.

    Still, Gawd help you if they find out you sent an EX raid invite to this location.

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    a reserve and a park are two completely different areas. a park is an area to gather and enjoy activity's that count in most cases as exercise. while a reserve is a place designed to protect nature and just for people to relax and take in nature. that being said cause it is a place to preserve nature and not for exercise or sort it could be being denyed cause quite frankly its a natural feature witch is one of the rejection reasons you are given to choose when you onestar a Poi

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    If something was called a "nature reserve" and just had a whole bunch of paths and trees to look at, is that a natural feature? Is a plaque about a tree considered a natural feature? It doesn't seem that any of you read this link:

    A park and a reserve have almost the same meaning, often whether they are designated as a park or reserve is at the establishment of the parcel. This "Reserve" in Newtown has a playground. Once again reminding me why there is zero context for the global audience.

    What I asked is about pedestrian access, one of you answered this and it's a shame a reviewer somewhere thinks grass is not pedestrian access. I'm just going to assume this got chopped up by a stupid upgrade and just resubmit this.

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    Right at the top it says "This park is for the enjoyment of the community"

    Saying "No games or behaviour" without the rest of the sentence ("which will interfere with the comfort or convenience of the public.") is just taking it out of context to forcefully make it perceived as rejectable. "No meetings or public addresses, except with permission" is clearly meaning an organised gathering held in the space.

    Besides that, those points are exceptionally pedantic and trying to cherry pick standard rules on a park sign to reject the nomination. You are to review the nomination, not the rules of the park.

    Simply put, it's a sign, with a distinct name, representing a park / space for the community. It meets eligibility criteria, it has ample walking or gathering space within the park (ie. safe access) and is not in a location that would cause the nomination to be rejected (e.g a school). All signs (well one sign really lol) point to an acceptance.

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    Easy,! I’ve never been to Australia, so I’m not familiar with your local language or customs. :^)

    I was just spit-balling how people may have reacted to the submission.

    The sign made me think: ‘this is maybe a nature reserve and the warden is going to hand out a stiff fine if anybody complains.’

    I have no way to tell if you’re meant to enjoy it from afar, go to study particular plants/animals/terrain, etc.

    Were I actually there, I’d know if this is the default sign for every open space, there were footpaths all over, etc. That sign did not make me feel welcome to play through….

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    Fair enough. Nature reserves here look quite a bit different, often they'll have walking trails with info signs in the middle of them too. Full on nature reserves still tend to have some signage or info boards on the outside to give people information about the flora and fauna that live there.

    Fines are also very rare, especially when the sign starts with "This park is for the enjoyment of the community" lol

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