Raise the gym badge display limit

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The basic problem:

PoGo has a list of all gym badges, that a player interacted with. All badges? No, only the 1000 latest ones. The others aren't displayed, but nethertheless somewhere on the server stored, since the gym progress is saved, when you bring back a gym to the list, that already dropped out of it.

For ING-only-players: you can compare this to a scenario, that the ING-mission-badges would have a cutoff at any random point.

Why is this wayfarer related?

Gym badge collectors are a big group of reviewers, as far as I can see in our social media and in my local communities. Especially they are the wayfinders, that search for the nice offroad stuff to create remote gyms, or in terms of ING nice anti-cargress anchor portals. So they are often also those wayfinders, that fill the regions, where might be civilisation and lots of wayspot-worthy candidates, but no wayspots. No wayspots -> no players. So if they create wayspots there, then there might be players of Nia-games in the future.

And the point of time, when a player hits this threshold and golden badges drop out of the list, the motivation decreases harshly, since one is asking temself, why nethertheless should do this, if your badges/achievements drop out.... and motivation drop is deadly for volunteer work like wayfarer....

Why should Nia care about raising this threshold?

There are lots of people out there, whose golden gym badge counter is far beyond that threshold.

Few months ago Niantic blamed themselves already, when Brandon Tan's XP went higher then the XP-numbers datatype allowed: so we saw, that XP was in PoGo a signed 32bit integer, because his XP dropped to the negative ....

So in the same sense, when Nia had to adjust the XP-datatype they should simply adjust the gym badge display threshold...


Further there might be a money-money aspect. Players with dropped motivation invest less money. And beyond of that I'd like to add an own episode:

When Uxie,Mesprit and Azelf were back in raids and remote raiding was introduced I didn't raid Uxie and Azelf .... only because I didnt want to have bronze badges from different continents in my badge list. If this wouldnt be a thing, I would have raided them like hell to get them with 100% IV ..... but only because of the littering with unwelcome foreign badges I've chosen to pay 40k stardust and obtain the dex entries only by trading.

Why does this threshold still exist?

This threshold stayed at the same since 2017 and was never changed. Back then the phones were worse and the threshold might have had sense and saved memory and prevented laggs. But since lots of older phone types weren't supported anymore this 1000 could be removed, or at least raised to a level that fits the numbers from above better.

So @NianticTintino please forward that issue to the PoGo-programmers. That should be a fast and easy improvement...



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