Bad Photoshop skills in Eschenbach

Title of the Wayspot: Wandgemälde Eschenbach, Wegweiser Der Fantasie

Location: 49.966806 , 10.697158 ; 49.96631 , 10.698388

City: Eltmann/Eschenbach

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Even though the mail says my ingame-appeal caused Niantic to chance the portal it is still visible on the intel map.

Photos to support your claim:

Picture 1: current situation on the intel map

Picture 2: The submitter wasn't careful enough with the shadow of his roof when photoshopping the picture on his wall

Picture 3: Google Image-Search finds the used picture over an over again. This would have been an really easy to spot fake but it still got accepted.

Picture 4: I went there and found the house the picture is supposed to be painted on.

Picture 5: since I was already there I checked some more wayspots around and found this one. Looks pretty much like PRP.

Picture 6: Bingo. PRP and the wayspot itself is a seasonal decoration which got removed already.

Funfact: A woman living in that house wasn't happy at all about me standing in front of her house and taking a picture. Not to imagine what she thinks when someone comes around trying to scan that wayspot in her front yard. I guess pictures of me and my car are now on rotation in some lokal neighbourhood-group warning about thieves looking for houses to break in 😂



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