Why my nominations are rejected?

This is the third rejection in a raw mentioning that the subject seems not being permanent, when in my area and in other areas of Amsterdam there are plenty of pokestops that are no longer there being really temporary. I may understand an external mall sign, which was previously rejected despite being there since 5 years now and never changed, but a map of the area, including the open-air shopping mall can’t be considered temporary, expecially if there are similar map stands used as pokestops all around Amsterdam and in the Netherlands.

Can anybody clarify this?

Winkelcentrum Nieuw Sloten

Map of the Winkelcentrum Nieuw Sloten


Nomination ID: 3o6UrH4i6Pl2S782sLh6beyb/Lx+pCx4Nh1qt3QdFXE=


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