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I have reviewed in the past nearly 20,000 submissions. This experience has meant I have not bothered reviewing for than a month so any good I did for my community has stopped because I am so upset and disenchanted with how the process turned out. I have taken screen shots from when I reviewed and also

location so I was definitely eligible. These are enclosed below.

Thank you.



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    The criteria stated one review and changing your location within the time which I have done. Therefore this means I am eligible for the rewards.

  • Thanks for reaching out, @LfcVish1-PGO! After carefully reviewing your account we can confirm the reviewed records during the event by you are edits and not nominations.

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    But he did show a Russian nomination then...

    Or did his review didn't actually recorded to the system?

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    Thank you for the feedback @NianticGiffard but i checked the picture , the location and then put in what type of poi the nomination was much like I have done with my 5000 plus other nominations. This is actually baffling. I “reviewed” several following the same process.

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    Lol, next step...smh

    Now it's not only that we are liars and suffering from amnesia - NO, now we are also dumb and can't distinguish between edits and nominations, LOL "#nextLevelNianticGG"

    Just to clarify your OWN Software to you:

    EDITS- no matter if Text-, Photo- or Location- Edits: multiple-choice.

    Text-Edits: 2 or more choices to choose a correct text + 1 additional "None of the above". (Only one choose possibly).

    Photo-Edits: 2 or more pictures to choose which of them are correct + additional "None of them". Multiple choices possibly.

    Location-Edits: 2 or more Points in a Sattelite-map with the option to choose one of them as correct location + additional "the wayspot can't be located properly".

    NOMINATIONS- "multistep" incl. reviews for:

    A) First photo - if whole nomination is positiv reviewed, will become the wayspot picture.

    B) Titel&Description - if whole nomination is positiv reviewed, will become the Title&Description of the new Wayspot.

    C) Supporting information - additional for the reviewers only. Helps to clarify, if the nomination is there in real world & why the nomination would be a good wayspot.

    D) duplicat check - Map, where the nearby wayspots are shown, that have been already approved. Radius about 500m...

    E-G) Checkboxes for: "Historical/cultural significance", "Visual uniqueness" and "Safe Access"

    H) Location Accuracy - GoogleMap/ GoogleStreetview of the nomination.

    I) "What is it?" - sometimes required, sometimes not. Helps to categorize the nomination.

    J) Submit-Button - should be clear 😉 is gray. Turns red, ONLY after ALL the points from A) to I) have been reviewed & points A,B,E,F,G and H have at least two 🌟. (1🌟=rejected nomination).

    @NianticGiffard @NianticTintino

    As you can clearly see above- the reviewer that still complaining about their missing upgrades/rewards- DO KNOW about the difference between an "Edit" and a "Nomination". This two type of reviews ARE SIGNIFICANT different!

    Stop telling you've "looked properly" in the accounts and that we weren't eligible!

    Btw: done >2800 reviews in total. Stopped after Russia-challenge. Will not do any reviews ever...

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