What's the hold up with appeals? And a plea.

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The above question. It's clear now that for a 24/7 game, having support for an arbitrary short amount of time is unsuitable.

I have several pending appeals waiting for action:

To be frank, I'm actually holding off on posting up all my appeals until these are actioned so I don't have many outstanding. I have countless appeals on hand that I wish to appeal because it seems as if local reviewers are not pulling up their weight in assisting with these location edits when they come through Wayfarer. For many of these, they're absolutely speak for themselves, but for whoever is looking over the appeal, I really aim to make it easy for them to accept the appeal so they don't have to do the legwork in research.

But at the same time it's not fair to others that I'm just flooding the appeals forum with all of my posts while NianticKN does them all by themself. But at the same time:

  • On 19 April, NianticKN denied this appeal when I had already said that this edit was no longer required as it was already actioned. There were still a couple of outstanding location edits that needed intervention instead.
  • On 30 April, the post Brickworks was made at 8:57am. At 9:59pm on the same day, NianticKN responded to the request like it was some sort of special priority request.

Look, I understand. Niantic is a small indie company, and the Wayfarer forums are still developing as this was just "spun up" from nothing. But there honestly needs to be a systematic way in dealing with these appeals. It would be preferable if it was on a first come, first served basis. I know it might be overwhelming for someone to log into NianticKN and just try and see what people have appealed with, but you guys need help.

Of course I can't expect Niantic to trust the community in helping them action all of these additional functions. But many of us have an inherent responsibility to want to improve and optimise our game. To sort out the trash and to help bring everything together, especially given the bad state Wayfarer is in (trust me when I say this, it's bad when the most simplest location edit cannot be adhered to).

Let us help you. Help you in taking the guesswork out of these appeals. Make an informed decision when it comes to accepting new portal photos or actioning an invalid portal appeal at the first instance. It's too hard to rely on people in Wayfarer because it really feels as if all they care about is their own nominations or a candidate that they can interact with locally.

Find and get together the people who truly care about the game and the NRWP, and together we can enhance our communities so you can get to the real task at hand, developing existing games and future games.


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    I don't post much in the appeals section, but I had a recent experience that is similar.

    I posted a bug report that included several pictures on a Saturday evening Niantic-time (PDT) which required approval and did not appear until midday Monday. This particular bug affects the way in which certain candidates will be viewed by reviewers and I thought it was important for all reviewers to be aware of it so I cross posted it without images in the general-discussion section after waiting the first ~12 hours. It's unreasonable for an operation of this size and scale to not have a single person look at this stuff over an entire weekend.

    The lack of Niantic personnel is apparent throughout this forum though. Comments that get flagged take a long time to be handled, post and comment approvals sit for a long time (and there's no way to see if it's still pending approval or has been rejected), rare comments from Niantic folks that cause confusion aren't addressed again for a long time (I'm referring to one comment in particular from the last few days).

    It would be great if this could improve, but unfortunately I'm not too optimistic.

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    In my case, a location edit appeal thread hasn't even been accepted despite following all the guidelines.

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