Nomination Improve Why and When, How ?

Only One Nomination Appear Pokestop But.... How ?


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    Can you please explain some more what you want to know? It's not that clear from your post.

    Do you mean that you nominated a few nominations, they were all accepted but only one appear in PoGo?

    If yes, then maybe some of your nominations were in the same cell as another POI that is added in PoGo. When you're nominating, you're nominating for all Niantic games, and they all have different rules for adding POI in game.

    For example: In Ingress POI just have to be 20m away from any other POI and they will appear in game. In PoGo POI must be at least 20m away from any POI in any Ninatic game (not only PoGo), and they must be in free Pokestop cell to appear in PoGO.

    So, if your nomination was in cell with any Pokestop/Gym, then they won't appear in PoGo, and will appear in Ingress and maybe HP:WU (or other games Niantic working on now).

    If your nomination was accepted some time ago (more than 2 days ago), and still didn't appear in PoGo, check Ingress map (you can ask someone who play Ingress if you don't play), if it's here but not in PoGo, you might also check if it was in occupied cell.

    If you have some other issue, please write more about it so we will know what you mean :)

  • GurjaRaj-PGOGurjaRaj-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    New Nomination Area are Faster Summit Than Faster Appear Pokestop. One Pokestop Appear Just Summit. First time Summit Pokestop nomination A Trainer than appear Fastest.

    It's Pokestop Faster Appear new Trainer First Nomination Than Order People Invite...

    But New Trainer Summit Nomination, Not appear Fastest Than Not Share and Intrested Order People.

  • GurjaRaj-PGOGurjaRaj-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    New Trainer Completed Level 38/40 on Pokemon Go. And First time Pokestop nomination A New Trainer than Nainticlabs Duty for Nomination Pokestop Appear Faster for many people interested .

    But Pokestop nomination Not Appear Faster Than people Not Interested For Pokemon Go.

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    There are many people who submit candidates, do nominations.

    All these nominations go into a queue and wait for other players to review them (and it's not a single person that decides yes / no - they take the votes of multiple reviewers and if the majority approves it your nomination will be accepted, in the other case it will be rejected)

    Review-time can take from 24h upto several months, depending on the wayspot-density, number of submissions in your area and number of reviewers in your area.

    Niantic does some of the reviewing, but the vast majority is done by the community (meaning players of Niantic games) You can do reviews as well but you need to pass a reviewer-test.

    If you do correct reviews, after 100 agreements (meaning you voted in the same way as other reviewers) you will get an upgrade. Applying the upgrade to your submission will prioritise your nomination in the queue.

  • GurjaRaj-PGOGurjaRaj-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    Niantic wayfarer very Bed activity For Pokestop Nomination Appear on Pokemon Go very Late.

    Pokestop nomination First Time In Level 38/40 and 7 Pokestop Nomination Only One Trainer is bed Activity For Nainticlabs. It's very late new Trainer Pokestop Appear on map.

    I suggest for niantic wayfarer - Pokestop nomination for Map Faster. Than one trainer one time one Pokestop nomination take/give This Add it's Rules

    And Pokestop nomination divided for different Levels. Not be 14 day after.

    Than waiting for Pokestop and voting problem easy to solve.

    Than many Pokemon trainer Happy for nomination Pokestop Faster Appear on map.

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    This was very difficult to read. Not sure if your nomination didnt appear when accepted, or if your just complaining about the whole system in general. Regardless this is not the section to do this in.

  • Thor3381-INGThor3381-ING Posts: 219 ✭✭✭


    This person has opened multiple topics. Guess he wants pokestops to appear in game about 5 minutes after submitting a candidate

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  • GurjaRaj-PGOGurjaRaj-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    New Trainer add new area Pokestop fo map by the wayfarer community it's accept Pokestop nomination Faster where are First time Summit nomination. By the one Pokestop accept for very fast.

    And new area Pokestop than more poke trainer interested for its. Friends

  • WheelTrekker-INGWheelTrekker-ING Posts: 3,366 ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's almost impossible to understand what do you mean.

    Maybe it might be easier if you write your message in your native language, paste it here as well as an automatic translation?

  • GurjaRaj-PGOGurjaRaj-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    मेरी भाषा में सुन दोस्त।

    नये ट्रेनर के पोकेस्टोप को जितना जल्दी मेप पर दिखाओगे, तभी नये ट्रेनर जुड़ने के इच्छुक होंगे । अगर wayfarer community को इतनी सि बात समझ में नहीं आती तो हम क्या करें ।

  • GurjaRaj-PGOGurjaRaj-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    मेरी भाषा में सुन दोस्त।

    नये ट्रेनर के पोकेस्टोप को जितना जल्दी मेप पर दिखाओगे, तभी नये ट्रेनर जुड़ने के इच्छुक होंगे । अगर wayfarer community को इतनी सि बात समझ में नहीं आती तो हम क्या करें ।

    मेरा कहना तो सिम्पल हैं, कि एक नये‌ क्षैत्र में कोई नया ट्रेनर 38/40 स्तर को पुरा कर पोकेस्टोप को बनाने के लिए चुनता है । तो wayfarer.nianticlabs Community को नये क्षैत्र में जितना जल्दी हो सके उतना जल्दी पोकेस्टोप को मेप में दिखाना चाहिए।

    ताकि नये ट्रेनर भी जुड़ने के इच्छुक हो ।

    जय हिंद, जय भारत @GurjaRaj-PGO @Rinku0208-PGO @india742006-PGO

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    Alright, so you're telling if there are more new Pokestops in your area, there will be more new trainers will join the game. Yet you're telling your nominations are too slow to get accepted compared to other areas. Is that correct?

    Have you ever do some reviewing in Wayfarer?

  • patsufredo-PGOpatsufredo-PGO Posts: 4,119 ✭✭✭✭✭

    And please, don't make another new thread that just repeat your statement.

  • GurjaRaj-PGOGurjaRaj-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    Ok brother, not make another new thread

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