Private residence with buisness.

I recently submitted this to be a stop with an upgrade but I'm wondering thoughts on chances of an approval? Its a buisness with a residential home on it as well. There's not stops in the area at all.


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    If this is a business ran out of someone’s single residential house then it would still fall under the prp rejection criteria.

    other issues that are immediately noticeable for myself is that the sign/stand looks really temporary. Which would be another hurdle for this nomination

    then wether or not this business would meet the criteria is another

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    Thank you for your feedback!

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    Is it actually on private prp property? Or in some grassy public area? The telephone pole makes me wonder.

    Aside from that, it does kind of look temporary, but the info says it's been there since 2019, which is decently established. I think it would help if you got some additional info about whether this is intended to be a yearly, indefinite thing. If so, it would make a really neat stop. The brochure box helps.

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    I’m relatively confident this would at least fall under the ‘farm’ portion of the PRP rejection reason.

    My first impression is that I review this as I would a lemonade stand or firewood sale in somebody’s front yard, but I suppose the pin on Google does help.

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    I mean they have their buisness part in the barn. The honey stand is definitely there year round. Its about 10ft from the mailbox the telephone pole you mentioned is to the right.

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    Its definitely there year round. The barn is used for buisness house is to the left and the telephone pole you mentioned is on the right honey box is about 10ft away from that mailbox

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    Yeah, this is going to end up in country quagmire problem. Objectively, it should be a fine point of interest. But because that whole area is the driveway to the property, that's what people are going to fixate on and it technically goes against the prp criteria, which is not written with country land and properties or business in mind. So you'll be gambling on whether people will prioritize the unique local business POI over the prp denial criteria.

    It's somewhat helpful that the box is so far from the main portion of the property. If you're able to claim that the boundaries of the property end before the box, that could help. But I imagine you can't make that claim. Your descriptions are actually really solid, but I think the supporting info about viewing nature reads somewhat like desperation. I would refocus on the honey, maybe say something like whether it's the farm's own locally-made honey (because you haven't actually said that), directly from bees and hives on the Eden Apiary Bee Farm (or whatever the right name actually is). If there's a website you can order honey from, it might be helpful to provide the link. If their honey is stocked in local stores, that's also something you can add. Surely that little honey stand isn't the sum total of the business if they're named on Google maps? Also, what kind of honey is it? Is it sourced from a particular flower that might be unique? Is the fact that there is a bee farm in the area unique? Is it part of a specific bee conservation effort? Has the honey won any awards?

    It might have been better not to upgrade the stop to let local users who can probably appreciate it better review it, but here we are. I feel like there are definitely specific pieces of info you can put in your description or supplementary info that can help your chances.

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