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    @NianticGiffard Could you please make a statement about hospitals?

    Since wayspots are two-dimensional, how can we know if a wayspot on a piece of art on the first floor is blocking an emergency ICU on the third floor? Are we only supposed to worry about Emergency Room ground floor entrances?

    Thank you.

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    @NianticGiffard The problem is that there are a certain number of judges who think that anywhere on the hospital premises could interfere with the operations. It would be better if the places that meet the rejection criteria (lobbies, emergency exits, etc.) were specifically listed.

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    Can something in a hospital qualify? I read a statement like this once.

    NianticCasey-ING Posts

    What parts of a hospital or on a hospital grounds are acceptable considering the emergency services guideline? Specifically hospital gardens, artwork, statues, historical markers or other indoor locations at hospitals.

    When considering Wayspots at a hospital, please avoid locations where gameplay would get in the way of medical professionals and other essential workers. This guideline should also be applied to all areas where essential work is happening. Unfortunately, that means that locations inside and around a hospital are ineligible. Gardens or statues outside that are publicly accessible could be eligible so long as playing nearby wouldn’t interfere with hospital operations. 

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    @NianticGiffard Are you sure you want to change the hospital guidance to say that the ONLY sensitive place on hospital grounds is the emergency room driveway? So if a hospital cafeteria has a nice statue, with surgery rooms and ICU above that cafeteria, you're saying the art is a good wayspot. Most people in this thread agree with you that anything should be fine inside a hospital (if it qualifies otherwise). But I think NianticCasey's reply makes far more sense, safety wise.

    BUT Wayfarer criteria change, and I try to keep up.

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    As far as I can catch up:

    Statues/fountains in front of main lobby or emergency entrance -> fast 1* rejection

    Hospital park, library, chapel or mosque far from emergency services -> acceptable

    Statues, paintings, etc. on the ground floor but there are any ICU on the same spot but different floor -> acceptable(?)

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    Statues in front of a main lobby would be fine. Usually that's separate from the emergency entrance. If it's in something like a roundabout with pedestrian access, I think it would still be fine, because you're still not blocking the emergency entrance. These things don't necessarily have to be FAR from the emergency area, just not in a position to block it. Same floor is fine, as long as the ICU is a different area.

    As far as the different floor thing, I think you would be hard-pressed to tell that an ICU is right above or below you, unless you, as the submitter or reviewer, investigated where all these things were. I think if you can show in your photos that whatever POI you find inside is simply in a normal common area/walkway then you're fine.

    If you default to the simple (correct) reading of the criteria, the only rule of thumb is that the POI itself doesn't interfere with operations. I don't think it's relevant or practical to consider the three dimensional space on floors above or below it, which don't actually contain that POI.

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    In my area, we often send out private cars instead of ambulances during childbirth, and when we do so, we often park our cars in front of the regular lobby instead of the emergency vehicle entrance.

    I don't think a statue in the lobby would interfere with this, but the front door is not something I agree with.

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    Just been reading the most recent comments on this tread, then this "nomination" appears on my screen for review.

    Clearly the person submitting this has no understanding or has not read the Niantic accept / reject criteria.

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    If you think that is bad, there is a local who keeps submitting the helicopter pad for the flight for life.

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    Anything in Emergency room, entrance to, driveway to, or ER patient area is 1* rejection.

    Anything outside of that specific area that would be an eligible Wayspot normally is an eligible Wayspot within a hospital setting.

    Since you can't place portals on a vertical, everything is based on a x and y grid, the floor something is located on shouldn't matter. If it has the potential to block emergency access its a 1*. Keep in mind that when using terms like ICU's those are not emergency rooms. The ER is very different and separate from a surgery ward or ICU or outpatient services. Additionally the main lobby to many large hospitals are generally open to the public, have a reception area or information desk and are often adorned with art and statues from donors. They may have the ability to turn into an emergency response area if needed but that is not their intended purpose 99% of the time. These would normally make great locations for Wayspots, but each case needs to be judged on its own merits.

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    I will point out that this is not what anyone in the thread above who is for some stops in the hospital is advocating. Very likely, they're not even aware of stop acceptance/rejection criteria.

    In this instance, I happen to agree with you that this should absolutely be rejected.

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    Do people think of a "hospital" as being a single building? Many modern hospitals are complexes with extensive grounds and multiple buildings, only one of which is an emergency department. The grounds can and often do include, as others have noted, gardens, fountains, art, etc. Someone in my area has recently been nominating all kinds of art pieces and historical displays at a large hospital complex and I've been amazed at the extent and quality of art at the grounds. They are absolutely there to be viewed and enjoyed as a semi-public space.

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    Hospitals have soooooo many things that can be eligible, as @Janetx68-PGO points out. Even if it's just donor plaques! There's a donor plaque outside the bathroom on the floor I work on because someone donated the money to have it redecorated years ago. People love giving money to hospitals and hospitals LOVE displaying those people's names. Keeps donors happy and keeps them pouring money back into the place. One of the POI I got approved was a life-sized statue of a woman who was a multi-year donor to our hospital - like, funded a couple of buildings level donor.

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    Most of this applies in the US as well. My local hospital is a sprawling campus composed of multiple buildings.

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    Covid changed the public access part. In our hospital you must prove a reason for being there. But that will eventually go back to normal. The main thing is that no one is hanging out at a hospital, not even for a game, if they don’t have to be there. And if they have to be there, a game can make it a little better being there.

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    Our local hospital used to have several portals, which in pogo was a gym and stops. However management requested removal of the POI across all games - staff were not happy. There are still spawns in PoGo but as you often have to wait around having some POI would add interest. But that’s the way it is.

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    I've been wondering about this. There's 2 listed buildings at a hospital near me, the buildings arw also part of the hospital, but its more a set of offices/GP's, than actual hospital. I've thought about submitting them but the fact is they are part of the hospital has made me wonder if its worth it or not

    These are the 2

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 2,324 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would give them a try as both sound interesting and the listing makes it clear that these are not patient focussed. They might be rejected or you might establish that actually the whole site is blocked. But they might get accepted.

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    The bottom line is: What does Niantic want in their database?

    But NianticGiffard's response included "or interfere with the operations" which could mean about anything. A wayspot of lobby first floor art could be chased on the 8th floor, where there's a surgery room.

  • Gazzas89-PGOGazzas89-PGO Posts: 2,052 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Theres a 3rd listed building next to those 2, a clock tower, it's closed off (like, fencing round it and everything) but it's in the game, so I dk t think the area is blocked off. I'll give it a try over the weekend then, can't hurt

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    My local hospital (Royal United at Bath, UK) has several portals in the grounds. When I had to stay there after my stroke the Doctor treating me even took my phone down to the nearest one to hack it so I could keep my Ingress sojourner.

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