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Wayfarer statistics reset

ForzaComo-INGForzaComo-ING Posts: 110 ✭✭✭

I asked my Pokémon GO account to be deleted. It was, but it caused my Wayfarer account statistics to be reset. I can access Wayfarer with my Google account, but it asked me to take the test again and all the statistics are reset to zero. My nominations made with my active Ingress account are completely fine. Also my Ingress Recon badge is as it was.

So in a nutshell: statistics, agreements, Wayfinder rating and upgrades reset to zero. Nominations working fine and Ingress badge as it was.

There was nothing mentioned anywhere that deleting a Pokemon Go account, tied to the same Google account, would have any effect on my Wayfarer account.

I have tried contacting the customer service. No answer. I have read that people have same issues here at the community forum. No answer. So to get a response from a human working at Niantic, I have to start another thread about this.

So basically I would like something of the following from Niantic:

  • An acknowledgement that this in fact is an issue.
  • If this is how it is supposed to work, an acknowledgement that information about this "feature" is added to the "Know before asking a deletion of your game account" (never would have asked this if I had only known).
  • If this is not the way it is supposed to work, I'd like Niantic to check if it is possible to restore the statistics safely without breaking something else from my Wayfarer or Ingress account in the process.
  • If the statistics can not be restored safely, a simple "no can do" answer from a human is enough for me - and I guess it would be ok for most of those others affected too.

The Wayfarer as a platform is working great in my opinion and I have liked reviewing wayspots (and I am still nominating wayspots as much as I can with my Ingress account). However since my statistics were reset, I have not found any motivation to do any reviews anymore.

I understand that there are difficult technical issues that are not easy to resolve, but the overall customer experience shouldn't be this neglecting. Instead of given a glimpse of far-fetched hope (or receiving plain silence), I appreciate an honest answer even if it is not the one I had wanted.

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  • SpeedLockedNZ-INGSpeedLockedNZ-ING Posts: 1 ✭✭
    edited August 2021

    agreed, my situation is almost totally reversed, deleted Ingress account, Stopped playing Pogo. restarted Pogo & created new Ingress because I miss wayfarer (as much as ingress itself, being also Google Map contributor)

    my Wayfarer stats continued to grow, being linked to my E-mail, when I restarted Pogo all stats carried through, & yet when I followed the Niantic Link to re-join ingress none of my previous efforts are continued, I get that my original account was dead, but my wayfarer is not, & clearly can be continued as it was with Pogo,

    It would be nice to see that earlier effort count for something (seamlessly) in both games.

    I mean I continued to receive emails monthly asking me to re-join ingress, & reminders from Pogo & wayfarer for 18 months I was unable to play so clearly these thing are linked & collaboration is possible across a single email.

    (edit - so my count continued for Pogo & was reset for Ingress, although Wayfarer Stats themselves remain, & increased due to processing time without activity)

  • Hello @ForzaComo-ING,

    Thank you for reporting this as it turned out to be a learning for me while investigating. So in short, currently our Wayfarer + games are linked so the log-in you use for your game is the same as it is for Wayfarer... unfortunately resulting in mirrored reactions when one is being deleted. While I completely understand this was never mentioned, it's something I will work on adding when creating accounts. Sending this up to the various teams for awareness.

  • nagisa0002s-PGOnagisa0002s-PGO Posts: 3 ✭✭

    The same thing happened to me by deleting the ingress account. All Wayfarer achievements have disappeared. It's very painful to start training again. The saddest thing is that all his history has been lost. I want you to think this more importantly.

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