Duplicate Wayspot Appeal

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Title of the Wayspot: Coffee Gazebo

Location: 43.784578, -79.658899

City: Brampton

Country: Canada

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:


Nomination ID: oxuaE+5iJs34lEkanrZi39ru9XU9WIMh5UzAYkVRx6s=

Photos to support your claim

Additional Information

This time last year, I submitted the same appeal. This is the second charged nomination that I have lost for the same "Coffee Gazebo" and again it's being marked as "duplicate": https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/6987/duplicate-wayspot-rejection-appeal#latest

I genuinely believe there is confusion with the my nomination and a nearby Gazebo named, "Chalo Gazebo". "Coffee Gazebo" its picture, location or likeness is nowhere on Ingress or Pokemon GO.

Can you please help add this nomination? Or please confirm to me that it does exist, and that due to its location that it is not visible in either Ingress or Pokemon GO?

PLEASE PLEASE! I have done my best, by introducing a better description and I pleaded in my "Supplemental Information" to not mark it as duplicate and to please review the streetview that there is a separate nearby Gazebo named "Chalo Gazebo".

What can I do to stop this nomination from being marked as duplicate? Can you please help me? I've done so many wayfare spot reviews in order to submit quality charged nominations. What am I doing wrong?

It takes so much effort to get a charged nomination, and to have used two of them for the same nomination get returned as DUPLICATE; this is honestly heartbreaking.

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