Approved Portals Not Appearing in Intel

I am aware this is a known issue and is reported in Bug section, but i am just posting a discussion to explore it further.

I recently submitted a place on 26-Aug-2021, it got reviewed and got accepted today 31-Aug-2021(I have no idea how it got reviewed this fast). After seeing the mail, i went to check for the key, which was not there. I also checked intel and the portal was not there as well.

The email verbiage is the following :

"Please note that depending on its proximity to other Portals, not all eligible Portal Nominations will be added to the Ingress app and Intel Map; however, your nomination may still appear in other Niantic Games."

As per my understanding Ingress Portals should be 20-30 meters away and Pokemon Go checks for cells for its eligibility. The nearest portal to the above submitted wayspot is 388 meters away. So i am assuming that's not the case here.

Is there a set of pre defined rules for the eligibility, as of how a submission will become portal ?

Because if Niantic is doing an internal review after the wayfarer review is finished , i dont know how so many fake and poor submissions are getting through.

Also i submitted from Ingress so that it will become a portal, i am not that into Pokemon Go or HPWU. So after submission and review, they got accepted but in another game? Its like forcing someone to eat something they dont want.

I have around 40-50 submissions pending review from 01-July-2021, which if goes under same scrutiny, they may or may not become Portals even after submitting from Ingress.

Every trainer and agent takes a lot of time to visit places,take pics(Sometimes supporting 360 etc. ), submit, do reviews. So please at least provide some clear guidelines or rules,so that people who submit nominations can at least use their time and effort in the right way.


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    I can say that you are not alone in this @iHellrai5er-PGO . We also had a case of a nomination being reviewed in a very short amount of time without an upgrade, something impossible for the area, and ending in an accepted case. The poi didn't appear yet in any of the games. No Intel portal, no PoGo Pokestop, nothing. It couldn't have been moved in the 20m radius of another portal and obviously it wasn't marked as duplicate or this would have been mentioned. Maybe it will appear when Niantic fixes their database issue... but who knows.

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    Highly unlikely. Remember when there was an issue with Portal Image uploaded getting accepted but not getting updated on portal. Once they fixed it, all the old pics uploaded were gone. I was too far to resubmit it again. This time its wayspots, resubmitting it will show as duplicate in wayfarer and get rejected. But what else to do than to wait. :)

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    I have also experienced this with 3 recent approvals. All 3 nominations have appeared in Pokemon Go, but none of them have populated in ingress. None of the 3 were upgraded. Not sure what is going on. These are in areas that should be far enough away to populate (especially considering they did populate in Pokemon Go).

    Submission / Approval Dates:

    2021-07-06 / 2021-08-27

    2021-06-08 / 2021-08-23

    2021-01-19 / 2021-08-06

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    The new approved POI get entered onto a wayfarer database.

    Ingress and other games then draw down data from that database to potentially use. So each game is accessing independently. It is the reason the intel map is no longer reliable as that is no longer THE database.

    Each game can then apply any rules they wish about which POI go straight through and onto the game board and which do not.

    Previously for Ingress there was only the 20m rule.

    Currently there is some other barrier in place. 2 out my 3 have not appeared on the Ingress game board so far. Like yours nothing is close enough to warrant an issue

    Whether this a new rule or rules or it is a bug remains to be seen.

    Wayfarer does not view it as their problem as they stop at the creation of the database. They wash their hands at that point as it is up to Ingress, PoGo, HPWU etc to decide what to do with their data. And since the point was approved end of story for wayfarer.

    Ingress are not saying anything precise or detailed enough. There was an early post that referred to delays but a lack of clarity if this was about submissions or new POI appearing.

    I find it disrespectful not to update us. The silence is deafening.

    Of course there is a link to wayfarer - if you are demotivated about the lack of appearance of the POI you worked hard to create it has an effect on wayfarer.

    I stopped reviewing.

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    Yeah, there is no transparency.

    Wayfarer has some rules and the other apps which gets the data from wayfarer has different rules which is still a mystery. I think everyone feels the same and the reviews have gone down. It’s just a waste of time to put in effort, just to see Wayspots getting accepted into another game. A lot of players feel the same.

  • Hey folks,

    Please refer to this post for more information on accepted Wayspots not populating in Ingress:


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    Hi @NianticAaron that link is basically a link back to this website.

    My concern is, when all this new updates and tweaks are finished, will the nominations which slipped through ingress will really be added back?

    The photo upload bug was similar, if I remember correctly, it was announced that there is no need to upload images again and it will come once the fix was done, but it didn’t.

    So if that happens here as well, how can someone raise a ticket ? Or if it’s not becoming portal because of some rule, shouldn’t that be made a public knowledge so people can submit better nominations?

    There are people who are waiting for 3-4 weeks to see their portal to come live, which is already a pokestop.

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    thanks for responding

    The wording in that post is unclear, and it was on the 9th of August.

    It mentions delays but does not specifically say if the delay is simply uploading to game. It does not provide any reasoning why some are going straight through and others are not.

    Other information that people have had from support, plus emails refers to subject to further review. Could we simply have the new processes explained in clear unambiguous language

    How do we know if after delays, 🙄 our POI accepted by wayfarer will be accepted into ingress.

    Without any clarity as to what is happening I’m not putting any more effort in.

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    Meanwhile the posts on the Report a Bug threads on both the Wayfarer and Ingress boards are growing and growing, no official word yet or even a clarification that this is a bug at all. I'm now on four separate threads for this same issue and in each, a staffer directs me to another thread. It's frustrating.

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    I appreciate that this appears to be happening after wayfarer ( but can’t be sure because who knows 🤷‍♀️ ) and you work in wayfarer, but you all work for Niantic, and all of those affected submitted into wayfarer so have done some work for Niantic- so could someone actually tell us

    what is going on

    if this is a permanent change

    if it is a bug - normal status for Niantic - if it is a rough timeline a week, a month, by New Year

    or are we expected just to stay in the dark

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    One thing I will add--this only appears to apply to non-upgraded waypoints (in my case), I have had upgraded waypoints show up in both games.

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    @NianticAaron I appreciate a bit more information on this, but there are still too many unanswered questions, although I'm not surprised that Niantic hasn't learnt that transparency and communication is a good thing. 1) What is happening to the POIs that haven't appeared in Ingress (the topic of this thread), that we would typically expect to. 2) Going forward how are people supposed to know if a POI is in the DB, previously it was "have a look on intel", now we're supposed to sign up and check every one of your games?

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm fairly fed up with reviewing and submitting portals etc, I've often dismissed the many moans that people have had on here mainly because I quite enjoyed reviewing at times, with everything that has happened and now with junk POIs added recently that sense of enjoyment has totally gone.

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    @NianticAaron is there any update on the Wayspot I submitted. Will it come in ingress? Is there any place I can appeal this?

    Because after reading everything going on with wayfarer and it’s updates, submitting a Wayspot now from any game is a shot in the dark. It might become a portal/stop, but no one knows based on what criteria.

    While every place is now filled with really pathetic Portals without pictures, wrong location, in eligible. The players have to report or submit pics to clean up that, when proper Wayspots which underwent review process and got accepted are not live in all games even if there are no other Wayspots in 300-400 metres radius. It’s a good boost for the players morale who are going to pain of taking pics , submit street view, write details, so that it will get approved.👍👍

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    Excuse me for piggybacking.

    It is rumored that the appearance standard of portals in Japanese SNS will be separated by s2 cell from 25m and it will not grow. Is such a thing in other countries?


    Regarding the above

     Is it a specification again?

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    @NianticAaron @NianticTintino is there any update on this issues?

    From my observation in my case wayspots submitted via Pokémon Go are appearing in intel when accepted. The ones submitted via ingress are unpredictable and it may appear in intel, sometimes it won’t. I have two such nominations now which were submitted from ingress, which are available in Pokémon Go, but not in ingress.

    So kindly fix the issue or please give some guidance on how the submissions are accepted in ingress now. Because there is no use of submitting anything if it won’t come live in the game from which it was submitted.

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    @NianticVK posted this today over in the Ingress community forum where the list of affected waypoints is growing.

    Hey there, Agents! I've shared the names and coordinates of all the portals with the concerned team. Our team is working on it. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

    I posted it as a link in the report a bug section.

    Bit brief. 🙄

    I have asked for clarification if it is a bug or not. I wonder which team they are talking to🤔


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    Yeah I added my nominations to the list but I don’t think they will go through each one. It might be a generic response saying it’s because of this or that, then they will park it somewhere.

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    Imagine a company where you can begin communicating with one individual and things are just seamlessly handed off to responsible people.

    You wouldn’t need to worry if you were talking Trust&Safety, Onboarding, Backend, LightShip, or WaySquarer….

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    What is this Utopia you speak of 🤪

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