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I received nomination email confirmation, then next day nomination is missing.

ununuctio-PGOununuctio-PGO Posts: 12 ✭✭
edited August 2021 in Report a Bug


I just made 3 nominations, and received three different mails with the usual confirmation message. Then I see they all are in queue (normal as always)

Later that night I edited some grammar on my best nomination (the three I made were completely different)

Today I can't find it in my dashboard. Just the other two nominations. Will It appear again in queue? I have the nomination ID with the confirmation mail.

I got an upgrade available to use and was planning to use it in this very nomination that is not appearing :( very bad luck?

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  • Poketoty-PGOPoketoty-PGO Posts: 8 ✭✭

    There is happening a Lot lately, @NianticGiffard answered that this disappering is due some manual Review from niantic , but doing this kind of thing without any warning for the player and not even saying why this action happenned IS really messed, i think It is a huge error

  • ununuctio-PGOununuctio-PGO Posts: 12 ✭✭

    Thanks you so much for your response! What a relief, I hope it appears again soon. Yes I agree, I made a few research online and found nothing, felt a bit frustrated because I had gotten a good pic without people crossing.

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