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Approved POI in individual lvl 17 s2 cell not appearing anywhere even in Wayfarer POI map


So a long time ago (July 2020) I made a perfectly valid submission ID is CsYjIWsLjw7sxNVzoiRreQEX6JTnu8N6183i1NWuzVA=

This is in a lvl 17 s2 cell without any POI so I decided to upgrade it. It got approuved but never showed-up on Ingress, Pokémon Go or Wizards Unite.

At that time I was like, well someone might have moved it to another cell and edit the location but today I did a review 3 streets further and was surprised to see that this POI didn't even appeared in Wayfarer map with all POS to avoid duplicates.

In this situation what is the best course of action ? Should I resubmit ?

Thanks for your help.

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