80K wayfarer reviews and now I quit

I've never been so frustrated before.

I've played PokemonGo since 2016/08/06. That's the day PokemonGo was available in Taiwan. My love to Pokemon can be traced from my childhood. I played Pokemon since it was announced on Gameboy. I remember it was 1996 and I was about 12-year old. That's really a good old time. After entering high school, I stopped play pokemon because I have to spend time studying. When the first day PokemonGo was announced, I was really excited because I love Pokemon so much and now I have time to play again.

This game give me many good old memories. I adventured to catch Snorlax and Dragonite when they showed on the right lower corner of the in-game radar. The happiness to find a new pokemon to fulfill my Pokedex. And I get lots of friends when playing PokemonGo and now we still dine together sometimes. 

In 2018, I started to be an agent. Ingress walked into my life and I was deeply attracted to this game. Ingress has a great storyline. Everything I do in Ingress would influence the whole story. Furthermore, I learned the CORE Values that NIANTIC want to bring to us in this game. 

What is the core values of Niantic's games? Explore, Exercise and Social culture. Both PokemonGo and Ingress are designed with these core values.

1, To Explore the world.

Thus, in Ingress, we have to walk and explore 20K new portals to earn the onyx medal. In PokemonGo, we have to bring our buddy to new pokestops to earn the heart.

2, To Exercise and stay in health

Thus PokemonGo trainers has to walk to hatch eggs. Ingress agents has to walk 2500 km to earn the onyx medal, and now we have the kinetic capsule.

3, To Learn the knowledge and social with others

Thus, Ingress has First Saturday to let the players gather and social with others. PokemonGo has community days also.

In addition, Ingress has the rich "mission" system. Agents can explore and learn the local culture during completing missions. For example, I just completed the official Mission Day missions in Chiayi county last month. The mission "日式洋風的記憶" bring me to learn the local old buildings with more than 100-year old. I would never know these beautiful buildings except complete this mission.

Furthermore, I created my own missions in my hometown, Chiayi. In mission "探訪陳澄波", agents can learn and explore the footprints and life of the local famous artist Chen Cheng-po after complete 30 missions in a series. That is why Ingress touched me so much. I truly love the mission system.

Okay, let's get down to the origin topic. The whole wayfarer system should be built on the Niantic core values. So, what is eligible? To exercise: exercise equipment, gyms, basketball courts; To Explore: historic architecture, museums, zoo, libraries; To social with others: parks, post offices, trials...etc.

Few months ago, a malicious abuser create a FAKE kingdom in his township, Yongjing. He use multiple accounts to accept his low quality or fake nominations to let them published. These wayspots are totally against the core values of Niantic's games. This abuser built 3 PokeGym near his house in order to earn Pokecoins easily every day. Detail story in this post below.


According to the @NianticGiffard 's reply, 37 low quality or fake wayspots were removed and 6 accounts get some warning. 3 months later, the fake kingdom multi-account king start his revenge. We believed that he reported all the wayspots in Chiayi area. About hundreds of wayspots in Chiayi are removed due to misleading information: almost all of them are reported as no pedestrian accessible. But in fact, in Taiwan rural area, there are seldom sidewalks. People can walk easily and safely without dangerous on rural roads, even without sidewalk.

 @phi2458-PGO has posted some discussions explain about this situation



We, @aeromycity-ING and me have to appeal these wayspots one by one, some village take us more than hours to go in order to take photos to provide the evidence. Some wayspots are restored, some are not. And even some restored wayspots are removed again. It is really exhausted and spend a lot of our time and passion. I can understand some situation @NianticGiffard concerned thus some wayspots are still retired. It's totally okay. If the whole system running well, the wayfarer world would be kept in order.

But, but, but. The multi-account king still influence the whole system in Taiwan. Besides making fake wayspots, besides removing wayspots in Chiayi, he still use his multiple accounts to disrupt the wayfarer system. We believed he intentionally refuse all the new nominations in Chiayi. We have some reports that temples (absolutely eligible, neat and clear photo, with google streetview viewable) were refused in Chaiyi area recently. That is a big problem because those reviewers who accept these refused wayspots would downgrade their wayfinder rating. And those who refused those published FAKE and low quality waypots in Yongjing would downgrade their wayfinder rating too! Seeing what is the biggest problem now?

In Taiwan folk there is a famous sentence "劣幣驅逐良幣". It means bad money drives out good money. If the abuser make his success more and more times. Those who spend time to review seriously would get the bad result, downgrade their rating, frustrated, and quit. And the abuser will success more and more easily! That is the biggest problem that Niantic team should consider and fix. Multiple accounts can damage the wayfarer system so easy!

After the months of appeal and fight with this abuser, I'm really frustrated. I believe that Niantic is working on this issue. But time still goes on. Our games are ruined and my passion is exhausted. 80K of wayfarer reviews maybe means nothing to other senior reviewers, but means my 3 years of lifetime devoted to the wayfarer system. I wish there is an ordered world that follows Niantic's rule and core values, but in vain. 

Goodbye, and thank you Niantic that you have bring me good games before.



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