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My wayfarer nomination disappeared in my "Nomination" list

I made a nomination on Saturday (28.08.2021) - Nomination ID: v8Y3npeMJBfHNPi/MTR+fA0obuPViBzGZQj4FB90R7k=

I got e-mail with confirmation that you have received my nomination (e-mail text is bellow).

Nomination disappeared from the list of nominations on Monday (30.08.2021)/

E-mail text:

Thank you for nominating a PokéStop, titled Народныи промысел, on Aug 28, 2021 for review. This message is a confirmation that we have received your nomination. We truly appreciate your taking the time to nominate new PokéStops that help fellow players find amazing locations around them.

Your nomination will be reviewed for eligibility according to the PokéStop criteria. If there are any updates to this process, you will receive an email notification. We appreciate your patience, Trainer!

– The Pokémon GO Team

Народныи промысел

Сараи, на стенах которого расположены элементы белоруского народного промысла (Беловежская пуща)


Nomination ID: v8Y3npeMJBfHNPi/MTR+fA0obuPViBzGZQj4FB90R7k=

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