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My Wayfarer Community Profile Has Reset — Previous Posts Not Linked To Profile

wjmyeg-INGwjmyeg-ING Posts: 42 ✭✭✭
edited September 2021 in Report a Bug

When Niantic community forums weee first launched with the Ingress forum, I was never able to log in with my Ingress account email. Eventually I figured out that because I had changed my email address that was linked to my Pogo account (but not my Ingress account), I had to log into both the Ingress forum and Wayfarer forum with my Pogo email but choose the game platform as logging in with my Ingress account.


Now I can finally log in to Wayfarer community with my actual Ingress account email (which I could never do before) but my post history is gone. When I search for my posts, they are now tied to what I guess is my Pogo profile. What is going on? My Ingress profile is my active Wayfarer/OPR type account. I have double Onyx Recon badge and over 700 portals created. My Pogo account only submits POIs when I’m in rural areas I’m not likely to visit regularly and I am out of Ingress subs.

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