ABUSE Neubrandenburg

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Title of the Wayspot: Bemalter Stromkasten "Storch"

Location: 53.522054,13.257261

City: Neubrandenburg

Country: Germany

Photos to support your claim:


Additional information: The wayspot has already been reported in-game, but I can't wait until I receive an e-mail rejecting it. The wayspot is a Photoshop fake and must be deleted as soon as possible!

A local Pokémon player is currently happy because he managed to fake a wayspot using Photoshop. Every day that now goes by is now a day in which he takes advantage of it and benefits from it. Who knows how much time will pass before I receive a rejection email. I hope you understand and can make an exception in such a case. This is Abuse and should be punished immediately!

I ask for the deletion of the wayspot and also ask that the player be warned! Thanks! @NianticGiffard


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