This was rejected for reasons I don't follow

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I'm confused and would like help improving the nomination please.

Street View


Rejection Email quote: "The real-world location of the nomination could not be confirmed to have an acceptable pedestrian pathway leading up to it, Nomination appears to be a natural feature (waterfall, mountain, lake, etc.) that is not connected to a man-made object"

My thoughts:

1. It's rural Japan. There are no sidewalks anywhere. People walk these roads to get to and from their homes. Actually go around the corner from a main Street in Tokyo and there are no sidewalks. People share the roads with cars. In that sense roads in Tokyo are much more dangerous for pedestrians than this rural one and most Wayspots there wouldn't make the "safe pedestrian access" cut.

2. It's a well. People walk to it. It HAS to have pedestrian access.

3. The decades old roof over it and bucket hanging suggest that it is a man-made object and not a natural feature like a waterfall.

Is it that people reviewing aren't used to rural areas? Or maybe when reviewers choose "what is it?" there isn't a quick selection so they chose something from the nature category that was a water. (There is a selection... "well" (as in "water well" but you have to look for it on the list)

Hoping you can help me make this a successful nomination.

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    I don't see what acceptance criteria this would meet. Is there something historic about this well? Merely being in the "What Is It?" list does not mean something meets the acceptance criteria. You can make an argument in favor of pedestrian access, and the natural feature rejection reason is clearly wrong, but based on your other thread you received a third rejection reason ("Nomination does not meet acceptance criteria"), which appears to be correct.

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    Thanks for replying. Unless I misread the bit I quoted then the two mentioned WERE the only criteria not accepted. It's a bit vague as to what acceptance criteria I missed then. I'll have to ask around to see if I can dig up more history. There are people of the age that should know its history.

    My other trouble is that I have to write in Japanese. I could be running into people who dislike reading Japanese that is good but may not be 100% perfectly written.

    It's a drag because it's an upgrade. My first upgrade Niantic randomly chose a nomination because I didn't realize that it had to be set before getting to 100%. It was a nomination already in voting that I expected would be rejected but hadn't yet removed... because I'm a newbie and had things to learn about my account . I do have a great rating on over 500 reviews, though so hopefully my next nomination will get through.

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    This does not look eligible at all tbh. It doesnt look like it would meet any of the current criteria of socialization, promote exersize or exploration.

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    honestly first looking at it it looks over grown and disused witch makes me want to say bad quality photo for a stop. its hard to highlight something as a point of intrest that is a cultural or historical hotspot when they dont keep the area maintained. when its not maintained that shows its not realy used that much and doesnt have value to the people in the area. then to add what others have said i cant see any critera it would meet . you cant even tell its a well by looking at it it looks like just a roof with a bucket atached over a small pool of water.

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    Thanks. Photos were made after we got 70cm (yes 70 cm :) of rain in one week). I guess I should wait until people come and groom the area better.

    I agree that to people who don't live in Japan or the Japanese countryside this might be just a boring, unkempt, covered bit of water. I'm aiming for the part of criteria that talks about informing of local importance and history. I can't visually prove it's being used though that shouldn't detract from its history.

    It may be a long shot because people still have their preconceptions of what things should look like and the reality is often different. This isn't a round block lined well with a bucket turning handle. I suffer from my own preconceptions as well but hope I give more thought that rural POI might not be as cool looking as many we see in cities but are nevertheless places that locals use.

    Thanks again.

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    Thanks for the comments. Looks like it might be a tough one to get through nomination. I'll wait and work on getting more history and photos after locals make it a bit more spruced up.

    Edit: I should add that it was rejected for not being safe for pedestrian access and for being a natural feature and not a man-made object. I understand the responses talking about the feature itself but it wasn't rejected for the visuals of the well itself. It was rejected for reasons that aren't true. The road is pedestrian safe and is used daily by... everyone. And the roof shows it as man-made.

    Still... it looks to be a hard sell that I shouldn't waste upgrades on

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