Some things to think about when looking at adding Waypoints or reviewing them

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From @NianticTintino he said this "From now on what i recommend doing is encouraging your local community not to think about whether something is acceptable based on "what is it" or whether Niantic put it on the list, but on "what is it's POTENTIAL to support" exploration, exercise and being social. for example is this waypoint going to useful for me when I go to the woods to explore.

This to me in its base form reads - It doesn't really need a sign it just needs to be a real place people can go and explore, exercise or be social.

So does it need a sign to show what the location is? 

For something maybe but not for all.

A park might have 2 or more entrances (North and south) but only a sign on one of them Does this mean the other is any less important?

Trail or route markers - These don't always have names but locally they are know routes/trails. 

Parks/green spaces - If the park is tagged on google maps (dairy way park/green) and the area is big enough to support exercise and being social does this need a sign? 

Natural features - Woods - forests - mountains - waterfalls - lakes - rivers - hills these area all natural do they need a man made object to tell you that? Then said man made object is the waypoints picture and you can't actually see the feature on the waypoint.

I could keep going like this all day but something with the rules/guidelines needs sorting.

I like @NianticTintino and the wording he has used in his post. This opens up so many new possible waypoints.

Another point @NianticTintino talks about is overpopulation of the gameboard and how they are brainstorming ideas to help the games make better use or decisions of which waypoints should be in which games. So currently Pokémon uses S2 cells L14 + L17 you can only have 1 waypoint in each L17 cell now change that to an L18 cell you can get in a lot more POI and for Pokémon more POI are needed or wanted because of the bigger player base.

Just a small change could bring a lot more happiness.

Thanks for reading.

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