Pokemon Go close - Wayfarer.Naiantic Not Approved Nomination

I inform all of you. I made a few pokestop nominations 15 days ago, which are yet to be implemented and not shown. From this it seems that Nainticlabs We are not interested in enrolling new assistant gamers. That's why I stop playing every Pokémon game forever and I would recommend the same to my friends.


  • Kasparos347-PGOKasparos347-PGO Posts: 202 ✭✭✭

    Niantic wayfarer is experiencing syncing issues because it is porting the portal network. However in a couple of days, they should sync to the database. This has nothing to do with you personally and certainly not with other Pokemon games since Niantic wayfarer is just only about Niantic games.

  • Maxyme99-PGOMaxyme99-PGO Posts: 917 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sorry but your post is confusing, so I ask. Do you mean you're waiting 15 days to get your nomination reviewed (accepted/rejected) or you're waiting 15 days for your nomination to show up after your nomination was accepted?

    If it's the first, then waiting 15 days is not long to get nomination accepted/rejected, many places wait years to get any results, unless submitters reviewes at least 100 other nominations to get upgrade so they nomination will be reviewed faster. If you didn't reviewed to get your nomination upgraded, try it, it might really help you, and some other players (your nominations will be reviewed faster, and other players nominations might be accepted thanks to you) :)

    If it's the second, then check on Ingress map if your nomination is shown in Ingress - if it is, then it might be in the same cell as other Pokestop, and won't appear in your game. You're nominating POI for all Niantic games, and as they're have different rules to get POIs, not all POIs appear in every game. It also might be syncing issues, like Kasparos347-PGO wrote, so checking if it's in free cell will tell you if it will appear in your game or not - if yes, then you just needs to wait ;)

    And please, make threads in the correct parts of forum next time :) This part of forum isn't for threads like that, it's for nomination improvement where you post your rejected nominations to get some advice if you can improve them to get them accepted. Your post might belong to general discussion more.

    I hope your problems were explained here :)

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