End of Summer Lookback - UPDATE

Hello Explorers,

Thank you all for your continued feedback as we worked on fixing some of the known issues with the previous update. We are very excited to ship Version 4.1! As promised in the post End of Summer Lookback by NianticDanbocat, here is the list of updates we addressed: 

  • Location accuracy map will display existing Wayspots, StreetView and isometric ‘tilt’ view option ✅
  • StreetView should not render as blank in Location accuracy map ✅
  • Auto scroll will no longer trigger when suggesting a new location or resetting the location card ✅
  • Cookie bar should now render in the correct language ✅
  • Increasing the size of the rating stars ⭐️ in the Review page ✅
  • Upgrade Next should no longer appear on a decided Wayspot nomination ✅
  • Fixes to StreetView in the Wayfarer Quiz ✅
  • Fixes to log out flow ✅
  • Fixes to hidden Duplicates map at certain locations ✅
  • Updated attribution consent language (to reflect that the attribution consent toggle will affect all Niantic products including Wayfarer) ✅
  • More UX polishing for mobile ✅

We hope that these fixes will improve your experience and continue to bring joy to exploring, nominating, and reviewing.

More updates coming soon!



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