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Missing Wayfarer Nomination

1ValorVanguard-PGO1ValorVanguard-PGO Posts: 1
edited September 2021 in Report a Bug

Hi Niantic

A sub made on 2021-08-29 (NETHERLANDS FIELD OF HONOUR 1940-1945) was upgraded and in queue but disappeared a day later???

On the same pogo acc there were other subs for this same area which have since been upgraded, into voting and already accepted appearing in both Ingress & Pogo. However the missing sub is a mystery still. It upgraded before the others, but i have heard nothing back on this sub.

Not in Ingress, Not in Pogo. just gone.

I appreciate each area has different "queue" to "in voting" timelines... on average i would expect this sub to be in "upgraded in voting" after 3 days.. and "in voting" to "results" within 18hrs.

I don't mind to re-sub, but would kindly ask first for clarification, and if it is a "lost for ever sub", would like NIA to confirm this, and would appreciate an upgrade to be refunded. :-)

Approx location from where i remember it was nominated // 51.613174 0.223770

Google sphere of nomination: https://www.google.com/maps/@51.6132188,-0.2237809,3a,75y,160.9h/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAF1QipMz81tfm8dCZB1LP0NBmxdcot5PDVeLOx-5d0ws!2e10

12 votes

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