Removal of photo.....

Queen Elizabeth The Second Pillar Box



Northern Ireland

The attached photo has previously been reported and removed.

This player continues to have an unhealthy liking to this portal and has resubmitted the same picture again. This shows a total disregard for previous ruling by Niantic and only goes to further back up his poor choice of gameplay.

Link to original request for removal...

Let's see if he is as fast as he was the last time in commenting.....



  • JamieofArds-INGJamieofArds-ING Posts: 56 ✭✭
    edited September 2021

    Oh my, it’s taken 2 days! 😱 (Seeing as you have such a fab memory, how long was it last time? Forum is very helpful with the historical dates.) Bout ye, m.a.t.e! (Lovely censorship there, can’t type that out! 😂) Image wasn’t resubbed and I was as shocked to see it there, too! Presumptuous much?

    If you’d paid attention to the posts I’ve been uploading (cos let’s face it, you couldn’t resist, could you?), there was a sync issue with Pokémon Go! Images removed from Ingress but not Go, but when the sync happened they all came back over to Ingress! 😢 Checked out all those photos on the Blair Mayne Statue yet? Didn’t @SirStarburst-ING tell you? He’s noticed them come back as well. 👀

  • Thanks for the appeal, @5ticksAndStones-ING! Based on the evidence provided, we’ve made the necessary changes to the Portal.

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