Brazil Wayfarer Challenge "Rewards"

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Sry but I really have to get this off my chest.

I personally think that these "Rewards" are a really bad joke. These kind of rewards should Niantic handing out monthly to their best reviewers. They don't value their reviewers at all but these people are the ones that keep this whole system up. They put time and effort into a system that is often really frustrating and now they want to reward us with that? I personally think that:

  1. The rewards should be way better
  2. There should be Wayfarer related stuff in the rewards (like free Upgrades like in the Russia Challenge)

Why did you take away the free upgrades as rewards? I personally had the feeling that these kind of rewards kept the people in the last challenge really trying to fullfill the goals. I dont mind if you say Tier 1 -> 3 free upgrades, Tier 2 -> 5 free upgrades and finally the biggest goal is 10 free upgrades at Tier 3 (I don't mean that these summate, I mean that you would have 10 free at Tier 3). That would challenge the people really and would bring fun into it to reach the goal. But 4000 reviews for 50 Pokeballs 1 starpiece, 1 incense and 1 remote pass (I don't know how great the Ingress rewards are, but I assume they are as bad as the Pokemon go ones...)? That lets me question if you really know value your reviewing community.

I personally think that many people won't participate at that challenge if the rewards stay like that and don't contain upgrades.

Let me know what you think about my feelings. Sry for grammar mistakes, english is not my first language...

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    I assume they didn't want ro give agreements cause of the monumental muck up the made of the last one, even when they did sort that out the upgrade nominations was slowed lol but I do believe they should still give upgrades, maybe gove 5 instead of 10 when you take part

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    @MargariteDVille-ING, 6 months?

    I have nominations from 2019 that are still in queu. This does not make any sense..

    I missed the last challenge and I am so regretting this right now.. I was really looking forward to get some upgrades and finally get some answers to the nominations that are open for such a long time..

    I think for most people, wayfaring is not their favorite hobby. They do it mainly for the UPGRADES. I am really wondering how in the hell this decision is made? How could Niantic not have foreseen this?

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