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Unable to log in Wayfarer in Firefox


I've been using the firefox browser forever, without a single problem.

However today, while trying to log in my wayfarer account using a Gmail address, I misclicked and selected the wrong Gmail address to log in, which doesn't have any Pokémon Go or Ingress account attached to it. As expected I was directed to a page saying the account doesn't exist, which is true. My problem is that Niantic Wayfarer is now blocked on that error page, and I do not even have the option to log in while choosing the correct Gmail address : when I click on "connect with Gmail", instead of seeing the list of several gmail addresses to choose from, I land automatically on the previous error page "account doesn't exist".

Niantic Wayfarer is completely unaccessible and unusable on Firefox for me now... I can access it on Chrome, but did you ever see this bug and is it fixable ?


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