Suggested Gyms by Community

Would niantic consider a community's suggestion on which pokestop would better work as a gym for them?

...By maybe retiring an old gym and replacing it with a Pokestop (not too far away from the retired one), that has an open area and can hold larger raid groups.

Another reason could be as some wayspots are stronger than others in terms of how permanent they are, their open surrounding areas, or serving as a famous local landmark.

For eg, an old gym here call 'Wall Painting of a Train' was removed as the painting faded away. Similarly, a small statue could be replaced anytime when it gets old. Compared to stronger wayspots like a church/temple building which has stood here for 100+ years, and thus will make a stronger gym.

Now, if Niantic is ready to listen to such gym edit requests, we can suggest better gyms with proper reasoning and proofs as to why some gyms are bad to be a gym and needs to be replaced.



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