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I would like to ask for removing a gym. This gym is on a private property. Owner of the place doesnt want it there but it is huge Czech company so they wont reach out to Niantic unless it is too late. I asked the company if they could ask to remove it but this gym still exists so I think they didnt do it. This gym is located in a property of a railway company. It means that if any pokemon go/ ingress player would go there, they are in danger because there are a tons of trains a day going from one side of the company to another. I asked niantic to remove the gym but they didnt do it. I didnt proof it well so it was acceptable but when I asked for the second time I even send a mail from the company saing that they dont want it there but this gym still exists. Gym is located at 50°45'53.435"N, 14°11'45.769"E. Name of the gym is Vodárenská Věž. Company which owns this place is called České dráhy a.s. and the head company is called Správa železnic, státní organizace. Here is a website of the company: https://www.spravazeleznic.cz/. They wont reach to you so I have to do it. If you would like to ask them by yourself, here is a link where you can do so: https://www.spravazeleznic.cz/web/en/contacts/contact-us.


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    Wayspots do not have to be accessible to everyone all the time. If employees can safely access it on foot (and it looks like they can), it is eligible and will not be removed, unless the property owner asks Niantic.

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    Just to point out, this was posted about on r/NianticWayfarer

    As you can see from the comments on that post, many people have told you that so long as the wayspot is accessible by some people some of the time (which it appears is the case from the intel map), then it is considered to have safe pedestrian access even if you yourself cannot go there. If the business wants to report it because they don't like it being there, then that is up to them to go through the proper channels, not you.

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    I really dislike these rules, tbh it only promotes trespassing and spoofing as these are the only ways to counter wayspots and portals in these places. niantic tells u not to trespass while playing, but allows wayspots in places where u MUST do it if u want to play properly. Good logic.

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    And as someone said in a post where I reported a similar wayspot, people can do a lot of harm with these portals, especially in Ingress, and dominate huge areas because portals are unreachable.

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    This Wayspot does not meet the removal criteria. Niantic will only remove Wayspots if they meet one of the following conditions:

    • No Pedestrian Access
    • Obstructs or interferes with Emergency Services
    • Private Residential Property
    • School (up to K12; including Day care/Child care services)
    • Permanently removed from the location
    • Duplicate of another Wayspot

    For all other cases, Niatic will review the location if the (verified) property owner contacts them via the form provided in the Pokémon GO or Ingress Help centers. Players cannot act as intermediaries for the property owner.

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    There are portals (and players) down in Antarctica, but 99.9% of us will never set foot on that continent in our lifetimes. Would you complain that those portals, which are inaccessible to the majority of people on the planet, offer an unfair advantage to a team who is lucky enough to have a player who travels there? If so, are you saying that people in Antarctica shouldn't be able to play Niantic games?

    It's effectively the same situation, just in this case these portals that you are complaining about are arguably more accessible than those in my example that are down in Antarctica. Just because you personally haven't got access to any given portal, it doesn't mean that other players can't legitimately access them and use them.

    Yes, spoofers are a pain no matter which game you play, but in Ingress especially, they seem to be more proactive about dealing with people who cheat.

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    Coords are 50.7648431, 14.196046944444445, There are 3 total waypoints, and it SOUNDS like you are trying to get it removed because YOU can't access it and its a gym which bothers you. Because if it was deleted then one of the other two in the cell (Budova Nádraží Děčín ZÁPAD or zdobena okna) would become the gym instead of Vodárenská Věž.

    So again, not your concern, if the company doesn't fill out the form THEMSELVES requesting to remove it, drop it. Because its not your concern/job/issue, and not in your control whatsoever.

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