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Wayfarer Nomination Instantly Rejected on Submission

I save up things in my local area to submit and then make all of my submissions in one go when my nominations reset. I made my submissions, and all but one went through properly into Wayfarer.

However, this one nomination appeared in my Wayfarer Nominations list as instantly rejected. I received no email to mark that Wayfarer had received the submission correctly, or that it had been rejected. However, counting the number of submissions listed, it has counted as one of my fortnightly submissions. I believe that something happened during the nomination process to cause a bug and instantly reject it rather than moving it into the queue.

The submission is of a themed sculpture at a minigolf resort. There are no words/phrases that would have triggered an automated response, and the general area already has a couple of waypoints.

Attached is a screenshot of my Wayfarer, showing the bugged submission amongst the other submissions I have made this morning. In the bottom right you can see the date and time for me, indicating that I made all of these submissions today within the last hour.

I play Ingress on an iPhone 12 with iOS 14.7.1, and I use a Google Account.

Submission Title - Giant Dinosaur Claw

Submission Location - 52.924792, -1.172691

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  • Noddiio-PGONoddiio-PGO Posts: 13 ✭✭✭

    Same issue here.

    I submitted via PoGo, and it was the first time using the “existing photo” feature. No confirmation email.

    Tried twice, but still instantly rejected.

    Submission title - Stimarkør Pilegrimsleden ved Kirkerud

    The main photo is also not showing in the “Nominations” section in Wayfarer.

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