[World Wide] Parks/Greens With or Without signs should be considered?

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Parks or Greens come in all different shapes and sizes, some have signs saying "......" Park some don't have any signs but are tagged on maps. These parks have some play areas/sets for children to play which we are allowed to nominate with or without a sign. (Central Park Play Set / Area)

But what about the rest of the Park "The green areas" These green areas are normally used for meeting friends to play football or to have a picnic or even walk the dog. These meet Niantic's criteria of Explore - Exercise - Social.

This is my example i have shown where the two waypoints are on this park which are both play sets for children.

The middle area is all green space next to river it has some picnic benches. But it doesn't have a sign. A sign in my opinion would ruin some parks or green like this.

In my local town we have a few parks / greens that are this way. Most bigger than my example.

What's everyone's opinion on parks and green spaces like the one above?

How can we make them ok to nominate without a sign?

What does Niantic feel about parks and green spaces like the above? @NianticGiffard

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