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Instantly denied nomination: possible under unfair review

Nomination title: Pedestrian separation - shinjuku city

Nomination ID: YBmhQFPPd19O0H2wJPDLjMTFVVzrNWbL6uTgOZrGDmA=

Attached file : 2 pics- email and nomination stats

My nomination has been denied instantly right after the UPGRADE was applied. Please see attached my nomination stats.

The email from Niantic, refer attached, doesn't contain my original nomination all item.

It only shows "Title", "Photo" and "Description" in the email, but "Location map" and "Supplemental explanation - photo and text" could not be seen.

I applied this nomination and checked if it post correctly. But I found "Supplemental explanation text" was disappear even though I actually posted text in all items, so that I wrote it again. Eventually the e-mail doesn't show "Supplemental explanation" despite my posting twice. Could this be possibly a bug in your software?

It seems this bug has caused unfair review in this time, not based on all nomination item.

Please make my nomination restored and proceed to

review once again in fair.

I am waiting reply from Niantic and Wayferer.


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  • HankWolfman-PGOHankWolfman-PGO Posts: 4,697 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Emails only show the title and description of your nomination. Wayfarer shows the images, the map and the supporting info as well. Occasionally the supplemental information and picture will fail to load when checking your nominations on the Wayfarer website, but refreshing the page should make them reappear. Reviewers will see all of this information when reviewing your nomination though.

    As for the nomination itself, it doesn't appear to meet any criteria as far as I can tell, which is likely why it was rejected.

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