Wayspot removal, biased?

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So I'm really pissed off by how wayspot removal is being handled.

I posted this unfair removal, it has happened 5 times and as I explain in my post, these seem to be deliberated attacks to one agent who lives near the range of the removed portal.

The mod said yes when someone asked if it was removed because it was in the wall of a private property, but the again, that wall is in the street and the mural has public access. If this is the case, then half of the wayspots in the city should be removed cause a lot of murals are made in the walls of private properties. So why removing specifically this and refusing to put it back in the game? I really doubt that the owner of the house requested the wayspot removal cause having it there does 0 damage to them (it's not even in the front of the house) and I don't think that they even know there's a wayspot there.

Tbh this situation sucks cause ok, you allow wayspots inside private condominiums and private companies that are completely inaccessible but not portals in the street that have public access? This is frustrating and unfair, and seriously makes me want to quit because of how these situations are handled.

What do you think?


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